The Best Painter Services in Rural West Kentucky

Published: December 4, 2013

A good painter will coat your walls more evenly than most of us can do on our own, the professional painter's years of experience or in some cases expert apprenticeship will allow for doing a better job than just any old layman can do. They will remove oils and dirt before painting to help create the beautiful color you chose without fail. Having your house or walls painted by a pro is a valuable investment in particular if you are going to sell sometime in the future.

  1. Color Bazaar

    The Color Bazaar Decorating Center has a wide selection of wallpapers and paints in a variety of formulas that can all be custom mixed in their store. The store hires out decorators for homeowners if they desire who have been trained and schooled as to home decorating and painting techniques their workers are professionals. You will enjoy browsing the many colors you can choose for your interior surfaces and the displays in the front window to give you some ideas for your own home. Prices are reasonable, especially on the paint.

  2. J & C Painting

    When you are ready to paint, J & C is an experienced company. They have been painting both for homeowners as well as commercial businesses for twenty years. They hang your wallpaper for you as well. Everything they do is licensed and insured so if there is a problem you can rest assured it will be taken care of with out defaulting. To call J & C painting for an estimate the number is: 270-795-7615.

  3. Mid South Coatings

    At Mid South Coatings you get experienced painters and state-of-the-art paints to do the job with. The 'coatings' reflect the intensity of the sun's rays with special agents locked inside that coat your exteriors after they are dry. This is the same technology used by the government for its equipment to keep it safe from the heat of the sun. The material is branded Tex•Coat CoolWall. Find them at 789 Penny Corner Rd. in Melber.








The best painter here is Mid-South Coatings although not everyone can afford a specialized product like this, it is the best as we are in the same boat as to reducing energy waste. It would be a sensible investment to manage to afford this paint contractor, but in any case, the other two are qute good, too. The paints at Color come in many specialized types, you should look those over while you decide. For your painter and wall paper hanger all-in-one that job could go to J  & C Paint. If you are undecided call them all for an estimate.