Cleaning hacks that work wonders

Published: October 2, 2019

Several cleaning brands in the market have launched so many cleaning products, but all those cleaning products have harsh chemicals in them. You might trust those cleaning brands, and you might think that one is better than the other but do they get the job done? Are the results the same as they promise? In most cases, there isn’t any chemically developed cleaning product that provides you will perfect results.

Even the cleaning company Dubai doesn’t use all the chemical products. Over the centuries, the elders have come up with some great cleaning hacks that work wonders and are much cheaper than the chemical products that you buy from the market. Some of the cleaning services Dubai also use these hacks to perform their job. 

So today let us look at some of the crazy cleaning hacks that work and in some cases work way better than the cleaning products that are available in the market. The best thing about these hacks is that they are environment-friendly and also health friendly, so let us look at them in detail. 

  1. Dryer sheets for burnt pans


    Burnt pans are something that we all don’t want to see in our kitchen because it is so hard to scrub the grease off of them along with the burnt marks. Instead of immediately cleaning it add some water and dish soap in the pan and add a dryer sheet to it. Now wait for an hour and then scrub the pot and see the magic happen. 

  2. Coffee filters for cleaning glass

    Using paper or glass cleaner to wipe off the stains from the glass can leave some marks and scratches some times on the glass. So instead of using that, use a coffee filter to clean your fogged and dirty windows, and you will have spotless, shiny windows. 

  3. Hair sprays to clean whiteboards

    If you want your whiteboard at the office to be clean and bright all the time then instead of just using a duster, use hair spray to clean the board, and you will notice that every bit of the marker would be removed plus there would be no stains. Plus the hairspray will also add shine to the surface. 


If you have children at home or you use different markers in your office place, then you might have had those situations where accidentally you used a permanent marker instead of the regular one. No need to panic anymore because you can wipe it off using perfume or petroleum.