Top 5 most valuable players on the Buffalo Bills

Published: December 3, 2013

This list will dictate which Buffalo Bills players are most valuable to the team. Factors I will use to determine value of the players include in-game effectiveness, work ethic, and the presence or lack of a winner's mentality. Although the Bills are currently a 4-8 football team, certain players have displayed enough talent to prove their value. I will explain who those players are.


  1. Fred Jackson, RB

    Fred is the quintessential Buffalo Bills player. He works hard every game and plays every game like its his last. Whether you ask him to run the football, catch passes out of the backfield, or pass block, Fred is always fit, ready and capable of doing the job well. In addition, he's a great leader in the locker room, and does a lot in the Buffalo community. Without Fred, this team would not amount to much.

  2. Mario Williams, Defensive End

    While being the highest paid player on the team, and the highest paid defensive player in the league, Mario shows up to play every game and gives 110 percent. Even though he consistently faces double and triple teams, he still finds a way to garner pressure against quarterbacks and is great in run support as well. Mario is worth the 100 million dollars he is getting paid in my estimation.

  3. Jairus Byrd, Safety

    Byrd was chastised by Bills fans early in 2013 for allegedly dogging it with plantar fascitis. However, since he has been back, Byrd has played magnificently, and I find that I am never questioning his effort or spirit. The Bills current franchise player will become a free agent in 2014, and hopefully the Bills will be able to keep him around for next season.


The Bills have at least five players who are extremely valuable. The success of these players will help determine the success of the team. Players who are talented and who work hard will only help the Bills in the future, and as Bills fans and supporters, we can only hope these players will continue to show what has made them valuable over the years.