Six Top Stacked Drinks That Could Rock Your Next Party

Published: December 3, 2013

The 'layered drink' relies on the denseness of each liquid you are using in the cocktail, or specific gravity of it to create stacks or layers of color in your glass. These cocktails can also be known as pousse-cafe, a French term.

A hydrometer for measuring specific gravity.

  1. The Black and Tan

    Let's start with the affordable one first as this uses beer to achieve the layers. One layer is a light lager and the next layer is a dark lager beer. Pale ale beers include Michelob Pale  Ale manufactured in St. Louis Missouri, Stone Mill Pale Ale and Sierra Nevada. Regular beer like Straubes or Budweiser even the light ones are not pale ales. Next, you need an equal amount of Guiness Stout for your highball.These can be found in any liquor store and sometimes at the local gas mart. You start with the pale ale and add an equivalent amount of stout over the back of a spoon, if I were new at this I would use a large spoon, although I believe the best spoon to use is a small one. This is the best cheap layered drink, or, cheaper than the others.


  2. Apocalypse #1

    You need a jigger measure and a well stocked liquer cabinet, or, go out and buy the liquors because you will want to repeat this anyway. You need raspberry syrup, maraschino liquer, yellow Chartreuse liquor, Cointreau and chilled Blue Curacao, layer them into your class by pouring each one at a time over your stir spoon yet do not stir. They will separate into layers. Beautiful. Each ingredient except the raspberry syrup takes 1/4 jigger for one cocktail. This is the best named drink.


  3. Non-Alcoholic Layered Drinks

    You can layer all beverages that are not alcohol by using their sugar content as a guide. The more grams of sugar your beverage has the more to the bottom of your punch glass it should go as you stack your creation, once again over the back of a spoon. Carbonated sodas, fruit drinks, sport drinks and even water can be included. You can add your choice of food coloring to the clear liquids. To help in separating the layers fill your glass with several pieces of ice first. Some choices include soda about which will probably have the highest sugar contentat typically 39 gm, or purple grape juice at 36 gm a cup, which is also nice and colorful, or, maybe Capri Sun with 25% less sugar at 18 gm a cup. One Internet recipe uses 6 ounces each of Mountain Dew, v-8 Splash and Propel with blue food coloring. This is the best create-your-own-recipe drink.

  4. The Firecracker

    2 cups sugar

    1 cup water

    1/4 tsp. rum extract

    royal blue gel food coloring a couple of drops

    Next Layer:

    3 bananas

    1/4 cup cream of coconut

    1/4 cup pineapple juice

    1/3 cup of cream

    This is blended in the blender.

    Final Red Layer:

    1 cup raspberries

    1/4 cup raspberry syrup purchased

    2 cups of ice

    red gel paste food coloring a couple of drops

    The first layer of blue is heated over the stove until the sugar dissolves. Let cool while preparing the second - blended layer. Pour into something and chill while after rinsing the blender add the ingredients for the Red Layer. 

    You are ready to fill some glasses. This will possibly make three large glasses or at least two. Tall glasses work the best for this drink.

    This is the best patriotic drink.


  5. The B-52

    This drink is made with coffee liquor, Irish Creme Liquor and Grand Marnier which is orange flavored in the event you don't know. This palatable, for an a drink with a lot of liquer in it, drink has variations also that are easy to implement. Switching up some of the layers does not affect the layereing capacity if you stick to the right substitutions

    Variation 1: Substitute hazelnut Frangelico for the Grand Marnier. You now have a B-51

    Variation 2: B-52 in the Desret requires that you switch from the Irish Cream to Tequila

    Variation 3: For a five-layer B-52 after the Grand Marnier, layer some Frangelico and then some rum that you ignite.

    Variation 4: To make a B-54 you need to replace the Grand Marnier with Amaretto liquor which is almond flavored.

    Variation 5: Replace the Irish Cream LIquor with Peppermint Schnapps for a B-57.

    This is the best easy variations drink.




  6. Pousse Cafe Rainbow and its Variation the Fifth Floor Cafe Compos

    This is impressive, even unreal, yet it is so real. Also known as the Seven-Story Rainbow it uses seven liquors. You use Granadine, Kahlua, Creme de Cacao, Peppermint Green, Galliano, Blue Curacao and Cognac, in that order to make this cocktail.


    To make the Fifth Floor Cafe Campos omit the White Creme de Cacao and make the final layer be the Blue Curacao.

Pretty and inviting, festive and creative, layered drinks make a great conversation starter for any gathering. Note, that these do not have to be alcoholic, so, for abstainers or events where liquor would be frowned on why not try the non-alcoholic drinks on for size? The best layered drink of all is the Fifthe Floor Cafe Campos due to its complex yet simplistic recipe that makes common liquors into a work of art without being too difficult to make.