Top fashion forward and affordable brands to shop for at Urban Outfitters

Published: December 3, 2013

If you are looking for the prefect article of clothing to give as a gift or even to keep for yourself, you can trust that you will find just the right piece to fit your stlye if using this list. There are tons of fashion forward brands that Urban Outfitters carries as they are a fashion forward company. As such, I have put together not only my favorite brands that fit all of my different styles, but I have made sure these brands are affordable and made with quality. Please review the following list and links to find the right style for you!

  1. Kimchi Blue

    This brand specicalizes in feminine, flirty, sweet yet romantic trims. This brand makes the list becuase it is one of the only brands at Urban Outfitters that offers the decadence of victorian style that incorporates fashion forward and unique Japanesse style. This brand offes mostly lace trim and button down styles. This brand carries dresses, shoes, and is strictly for women.

  2. Ecote

    This brand is designed for those with a wild heart, are a bit rebelious and yet are also slightly a free-spirited boho. This brand makes the list because unlike any other, this brand specializes in unique touches of embroidery and patchwork. This brand offers brezzy, casual, yet comfortable tops, vests, camis, maxis, dresses, shoes, bags, belts, and other assessories.

  3. Band of Gypsies

    One of my favorite brands. This brand makes the list becuase while they do not offer many items, when they do, they include and incorporate  the most carefree spirit and boho lifestyle in their clothing. This is significant because this company takes in the influences of music, art, and global travel when designing their clothing! Also, this clothing is just for women!



  4. Staring at Stars

    This band makes the list becuase it is fairly simple. While simple stlye, this brand also incorporates the boho stlye as well. They specialize in simlple embroidery and lace clothing made for women.

  5. BDG

    I find this brand as a staple to every man and womans closet. Not only should this brand make the list because they offer basic and necessary clothing, but they offer it for men in addition to women. This brand is perfect for college student lifestyle as it offers classic fit perfect for taking seriously in class yet offers with a unique twist to deliever your unique style. This brand will most always have what you need and deliver it with comfort. This brand had clothing, shoes, assessories and menswear!


  6. Silence + Noise

    Silence + Noise is an amazing brand because they offer items for the minimalist while also being fashion foward. This minimalist style makes the list becuase not many other brands offer this. What this brand also offers for the miminalist is also a hint of unique style. This is because this brand incorporates a serious force, an edgy dark side, or even a risk-taker in its minimalist clothing style. They offer sleek dresses and staple tanks and tees perfect for day and night.



  7. Pins and Needles

    This brand makes the list because its simple yet chic, funky yet structured. This is the only brand on this list that incorporates a slightly funky yet structured style. Also, some of there selections incorporate a hobo touch. They mostly offer all types of clothing and Bandeau Bras.

  8. Coincidence and Chance

    This brand is so unique becuase it offers the most unique combination of of the fashion forward fashionistas favorite styles. It is elegant, unique, and it is modern, vintage. It takes all of these stlyes and combines them to make you fit in now while bringing in a rememberance of the past. It can make you feel a classic elegance while also incorporating a unique modern style. This brand is perfect for everything, and all events and outings, even casual lounging.

  9. Sparkle and Fade

    This brand is simple yet with unique cuts. Their unique cuts is what makes this brand make the list. Nearly every item by them offers some for of unique cut or fit. They mostly offer simple or modern simple clothing and spicing it up with all types of cuts. This brand is good for those who are not afraid to show skin and want to make a fashion forward point. 


  10. byCORPUS

    This brand is also amazing because of they offer a unique and one of a kind stlye from innovative designers in LA. Although they are simple, they offer unique patterns and that is what they specialize in. Nearly everything they offer is simple but touched up because they use unique patterns and textiles and fabric for their items. This brand is for those who like neat fabric design and are a fan of textiling.

This list has included many of the top fashion-forward brands that offers a variety of styles. This list includes the simple styles which is a staple for all closets. This list also includes many other styles for the classic and for the unique modern. There are also styles for the unique boho's and also for the miminalists. Lastly, there are also floral styles for the flirty and romantic! Whats nice about this list of brands is most of these brands offers a combination of the styles listed so you can find the perfect combination for your own unique style to fit yourself or even a friend!