The Top Roofing Contractors in the Extreme Western Kentucky Region

Published: December 3, 2013

Roofs take a beating when harsh weather pound down over and over again over the course of time, your roof can incur damage that isn't remedied by a spray of sealant even though this may help for a little while. You need a professional roofer to restore your roof, if the damage has been accumulating for a long time, you may need an entirely new roof.

  1. Xtreme Roofing of Western Kentucky

    At Xtreme Roofing of Western KY you have met your roofing specialist who will repair or replace your roof. They are licensed roofing contractors who have a guarantee backing their work. They specialize in ceiling repair and in shingle style roofs. You can receive emergency service. They are located just out of Benton at 4224 Wadesboro Road S.

  2. Western Kentucky Roofing and Siding of Hopkinsville

    This compaony puts on your new roof, sells and installs vinyl siding and remedies storm damage. They install gutters, metal roofs, customized trim and customized siding. You can file your insurance claims with Western Kentucky Roofing and Siding. New roofs include shingle roofs. Find them at 201 Oriale Drive in Hopkinsville.

  3. Rickman Construction

    Rickman Construction is owned by Luke Rickman. this company handles roofing, masonry, flooring, windows, doors and cabinets. They also create and renovate barns and storage buildings. If you need a framing job or you want to add a patio to your home or a sun deck Luke Rickman can take care of it. Kitchens and bathrooms that need rennovation will be refinished with a special attention given to fine detail. You can call Luke at 270-752-0313.

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Roof contractors do a sort of dangrous work. It is important to turn to professionalls when you are replacing or repairing your roof in particular. You need to budget in other words in order to afford the contractors and yourself an alternate payment method that goes beyond throwing the entire stub onto your charge card. The best roofer in my area is