Eleven Best Movies To Watch From Netflix

Published: December 3, 2013

This is a list of great movies that are worth renting. They contain a top amount of suspense, humor or sentiment and are great to watch in your idle time. You probably can't buy most of these for the low cost of renting anywhere and if you haven't seen them renting will let you afford to see them.  

  1. Salt

    Angelina Jolie shines in this movie, typical of her although. Scene after scene of excitement await you. This is not all hype, the movie is really intriguing, a soft James Bond, better than James Bond in a way, not as gory. If you would like to see a good spy movie this is a very good, sexy choice.

  2. Memoirs of a Geisha

    This takes you to Japan and the population dense Kyoto, where you can see what life is like for a young woman as a slave and as a Geisha as she finally finds her man. The scenery and scenes of Geisha rice powder make-up take you to the Orient and let you feel part of it. 

  3. Water

    This culturally correct film portraying India's customs in the 1930's is filled with costumes and chilling music that embrace your mind. Marriage customs are portrayed in the film as young women marry as child brides and widows are condemned if they remarry even though it was made legal for them to do so by the British rule.

  4. Sherlock Holmes

    Sherlock Holmes the film starring Robert Downey Jr. is a comfortable take on the British detective. Mr. Downey does a superb job of playing a brilliant Sherlock with a touch of funny. The movie is nice and long, a full 2 hours of entertainment and then some, which is another fine pleasure about the movie. Jude Law also does a good job in the movie.

                   Robert Downey, Jr. above as Sherlock

  5. Blow

    I can't believe you can view Blow from Netflix! It is a very good movie, intense, lavish, hardened and just lots of good and exciting stuff that you will love. Johnny Depp is a wonderful dramatic actor, if you like his 'Jack Black' character you will not recognize him, but once again he is very good in his role. 

  6. The Devil Wears Prada

    This movie includes scene after scene of Anne Hathaway in Prada attire, from school girl looks to business lady it is great fun to see. Although Meryl Streep is a character and a half all the way through the movie. Her acting in The Devil Wears Prada' was probably her best ever.

  7. Fast Food

    Fast Food is a comedy with high schoolers creating a special burger sauce. It is cute. A magic formula and typical teenage 'necking' and going steady or dating are in competion with a long-time town wrangler who already owns a popular burger joint.

  8. Frida

    This biographical story of the Mexican royalty who are both artists. They fall in love and live a dramatic life sometimes traveling for their work. The whole tale is fetching to watch especially as the husband of Frida runs around on her yet she rather can't avoid forgiving him.


  9. Howl's Moving Castle

    This animated film about a boy and his extensive castle ship is so fantacious. The little old lady who moves in is so amazing to watch as are many other characters in the film. A little girl captures the heart of Howl and it becomes a beautiful love story overall.

  10. Caramel

    Where did Bernadette Peters go? To Beirut to star in Caramel. This movie involves female pursuits of rightousness involving the world around them. You can visit Beirut and feel you are witnessing the struggle these people go through as they try to level out their fear about the world around them.

  11. The Proposal

    This movie includes the most impressive Alaskan footage you wouldn't believe is possible, including the short daylight hours, which are captured due to clever cinematography. The spacious home the couple visits is a great pleasure to visit along with them as they begin to lose their inhibitions. Betty White is also very cunning in this film.

When you want to escape to another place and time these movies take you there. The best movie is one that does just that. The best movie is also one with the best acting and an interesting story to tell or an interesting adventure. The best film on this list is Salt.