Five Best KPop Female Groups

Published: December 3, 2013

By now most everyone knows about KPOP thanks to the YouTube video  “Gangnam Style” by KPop star Psy.  Since that mega-hit Kpop has slowly been working its way in to the US music conscious. In fact Kpop female group Girls Generation pulled of a strong choreography on the Late Night Theater stage that not only left the audience cheering but David Letterman, Regis Philbin, and Bill Murray in awe. 

As a further introduction here are Five big names in the Kpop Female paradigm.

(Listed at random but using Korean and US music charts such as Bilboard's Kpop 100, YouTube, and Korea's Gaon chart.)

  1. Girls Generation also known as SNSD

    Girls Generation is the hands down winner of Kpop groups, ask anyone who listens to Kpop if they've heard of Girls Generation and you'll get an, "OF course!" answer. In fact this nine member girls group is getting so big that even Japanese Pop fans love them.

    Girls Generation Website

  2. 2NE1

    2NE1 has been around since 2009 and has had hit after hit with songs like Do you love me? and Fire and I am The Best. The group is known for its upbeat songs and has a bit of pop, rock, and hip-hop in it. They also have a few lines of hardcore rap thrwon in. They have just relaesed their music Video, Missing You and according to Billboard the song is currently at #2 on Billboard's Kpop chart.

    2NE1 Website


  3. Davichi

    Davichi two member group has their 3rd #1 (according to Billboard) with their song The Letter. If you're listening to any news, or Kpop fan blirbs Davichi is one of those groups you'll hear pop up often.

    Davichi Web

  4. 4Minute

    If you know Gangnam Style you've already met part of 4Minute as singer and rapper Hyuna Kim was the subway girl and dance partner in the wharehouse scene. But 4Minute has big hits in their own right on both Music Video and song charts. The recent Is It Poppin Music Video hit over 2 Million views in less than four days and currently has over 8 million views. Keep an eye on 4Minute as they keep coming back strong.

    4Minute Official Website

  5. T-Ara

    T-Ara is currently riding high on the release of their song Number 9 which has 2 completely different music videos for the song. T-Ara's sound is a little different than the other groups on this list but they make a nice change of pace for Kpop fans and Number 9 is a very strong release which had iTUNES Podcaster Stephen  of T.W.I.K. (who usually does not like T-Ara) admitting that Number 9 may be his favorite T-Ara song! With hints of soft rock, Indie and Alternative T-Ara could make it really big if they work hard.

Kpop is here to stay how big it makes it in North America is yet to be seen but it already has a home on many US and Canadian music fans.