The Best Plumbers of Benton, Hardin, Calvert City and Gilbertsville

Published: December 3, 2013

Fixing pipes can be a cold, wet, unattractive chore. Hiring a plumber is a welcome solution. Finding a plumber that works promptly and efficiently can be confusing unless you know some personally that you feel are competent, mostly because no one can afford the tab, if the work is going to mess up shortly, that a plumber in entitled to charge if he has renewed his license when he was supposed to renew his license.

  1. Gibson Plumbing and Piping

    Gibson is located at 1512 Main Street in Benton, experience with sinks, bathroom toilest, faucets and underpipes you can count ot Gibson Plumbing and Piping to lower your water bill while repairing or replacing what needs to be reparied or replaced. 


  2. Roto-Rooter

    Roto-Rooter Plumbers can clean your drains with their specialized rooter equipment. This is a problem with so many people, the fact that their drains clog up frequently and opening the drain or drains around thier home themselves with commercial drain cleaners has to be done every time they turn around. Rot0-rooter is available to service those in Benton, Calvert City, Gilbertsville or Hardin by calling 800-471-7686.



  3. Tony Henderson Plumbing

    Tony Henderson Plumbing operates out of Hardin. This business is backed by several years of experience and that is what lets them offer dependable service at affordable rates as they know how to combine what you need at the most modest total cost to you. 

  4. Blue Grass Complete Plumbing and Drain

    Blue Grass Complete Plumbing is family owned.They handle both residential and commercial requests. They repair septic tanks, hot water heaters, garbage disposals and sewer lines. They also can install or repair your gas lines. Their work is guaranteed and they are available for emergency services. You can call at (270) 753-6028.


You may have a faucet leaking that you can't control even if you change the washer, you may have a drip from a pipe or a clogged drain. Or, maybe you want to install a second bathroom or you are building a new home. In these situations there are times you would probably rather hire a plumber than do-it-yourself. The best plumber is Blue Grass Complete because of their emergency service.