Best Pizza shops in Brooklyn

Published: December 3, 2013

Brooklyn is home to some of the best slices of pizza in all of New York City. Every New Yorker knows about Rays in Manhatten but Brooklyn has some hidden gems that could give any restaurant a run for its money. Each restaurant is judged on quality of taste, price and cleanliness.

  1. Best Pizza

    There is no coincidence that the name of the restaurant with the best pizza in Brooklyn is called Best Pizza.  I thought this place was a joke when I heard of the name of the restaurant. It truly lives up to the name. Could be changed to BEST PIZZA EVER.

  2. Roberta's

    Roberta's is a great pizza restaurant. It easily could be the King of Brooklyn. There are lots of original combinations that lets it stands out. The decor is very stylish and is a perfect place to take a date. Delivers until really late hours which is always a plus


    Di Fara Pizza is an institution in Brooklyn. Its that classic old school slice of pizza that reminds you like you're in Italy. The amount of basil that is included in each slices gives the pizza a distinct flavor that is excellent

Best Pizza is the type of restaurant that would have a person travel from Manhattan a come back aross the river East River with four whole pies. It is delicious and is the type of slice that makes every New Yorker's mouth water.