Best Fantasy Basketball Websites

Published: December 3, 2013

Fantasy basketball has been extremely popular for nearly a decade. It was once the most popular fantasy sport before the excitment of football took off. If it is capatalizing on the all around game of Lebron James or the lights out scoring of Kobe Bryant, fantasy basketball is still very popular. Each website is judged on funtionality, design and overall appeal.

  1. ESPN

    Espn has become the best and most popular system for fantasy sports. The soring system is very easy to understand and has a universal appeal. If its for the die-hard fantasy sport fanatic or the causual NBA fan, this is the ideal system for anyone.

  2. YAHOO

    Yahoo should be considered the pioneer of fantasy basketball. I remember drafting Lebron in the second round when he was a rookie straight out of Akron. The layout of the website has improved since its conception and has really used social media to set it apart.

  3. NBA

    Ironically one of the last companies to pay attention to the fantasy of the National Basketball Association was the National Basketball Association. Although they caught on late, the NBA has made strides in being competitive in the fantasy sports market.

ESPN has capatilize on the growing fantasy sports market. I use ESPN for both my fantasy football and basketball leagues. The layout is not cluttered and is easy to learn for any person that takes an interest in it. ESPN is far beyond the pack.