The Best Inexpensive Jewelry That Won't Tarnish

Published: December 2, 2013

Jewelry is nice to have. It complements your outfit, builds or retains sentiments and is beautiful for gazing upon. When you are looking for jewelry at a jewlery department, pressure sales can spur you into impulse purchasing, on time payments of course, that really pinches in the months that follow. You may like some ideas for thriftier choices.

  1. End of Retail

    This jewelry is made from stainless steel and many pieces include cubic zircona stones as well. Rings are so budget wise from bridal sets to novelty rings you will get to choose from a variety of styles you will love. With an auction-like feel this store has time limits on their offers. The amazing savings on a particular piece of jewelry will include a time span of a day or two only, meaning you have to order the piece within this time. Attractive designs and stone settings that look like real gemstone mean prices like $10, $16 or $22 are amazing steals.

  2. Sunshine Jewelers

    This jewelry appears to be gold, it is a type of gold, it is filled gold. If you are looking for filled gold and haven't seen it for a while, this is the company that mass produces the product. They are from Florida and the jewelry is quite pretty, even though it is a lighter weight then pure gold it is beautiful. If is unlike the jewelry to ever tarnish at all. Rings, earrings and bracelets are beautiful gold elaborations that are affordable from $6 to $55 for a wide choice of beautiful gold items which are available from their catalog if you can't find a salesman.

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  3. Sterling Silver

    Sterling Silver is found at places like Sears or J.C Penneys and it is beautiful as well as economical for those who would rather not spend so much for the moment on their jewelry wardrobe or gifts of jewelry. Blie Nile is a popular retailer who has gifts of silver for under $100 to choose from. Another place to investigate would be Eve's Addiction where there is jewelry galore at prices that are something like $65 or less for many of the items.


These are the best companies that I have found for buying new, not used, jewelry for loved ones and for yourself that is well made and affordable with a good design to it. You can try auctions for more ideas but the jewelry is not usually new at this sort of business. The best jewelry here is End of Retail for best low price that does not lack quality.