Top 10 reasons to choose e-cigarette

Published: September 9, 2019

1. Reduce the risk of lung cancer

E-cigarettes do not produce or produce trace amounts of carcinogens and harmful substances such as tar, carbon monoxide, cyanide, ammonia and radioactive compounds, which also reduce the exposure of the lungs to these substances. Cigarettes contain more than 100 known carcinogens, and there are many unknown harmful substances in the smoke. 2, do not need to clean the ash



Soot is always annoying. Smokers must have the experience of soot staining clothes. After smoking in the house, the furniture will be covered with a thin layer of soot. Electronic cigarettes do not produce soot, and vaporized smoke oil settles on other things and is very easy to clean. 3, no bad smell of smoke



Smoking will leave a heavy smell on your hands and body. Especially the tone will be very unpleasant. Sometimes, two "Yida" can't solve the problem. What's more, people who don't smoke will taste this. Sensitive, after smoking in the smoking area, the smell of the body will also make people in the office resentful. The smell of e-cigarettes is still good, and it is not easy to remain in the hands. I used to smoke e-cigarettes beside two female colleagues. They felt that the smell was very fragrant and acceptable. 4, will not cause a fire



Unlike cigarettes, cigars or chimneys, e-cigarettes do not burn with open flames. They do not cause a huge fire hazard if they are discarded as arbitrarily. The heating coil of the electronic cigarette is also sealed, meaning that the heat generated by the electronic cigarette is difficult to pass to the outside. E-cigarettes have never been reported to cause fires, and think about the number of fires caused by cigarette butts every year. 5, choose a variety of tastes



Banana strawberry? Or is it Mocha? Still a chocolate cake? Passion fruit and bubble gum? E-cigarette fans can choose from thousands of different flavors. People who like DIY can also formulate a unique taste that suits them. Most of the smoke oils are mixed flavors because multiple flavors complement each other to produce a richer and more harmonious aroma. 6, white teeth, fresh breath



The smoke of e-cigarettes contains far less chemicals than cigarettes. People who use e-cigarettes do not have the strong tone of cigarette tar. They don’t have to think about the stains on their teeth. The stains on their teeth are terrible. One sight. 7, can choose nicotine content



Smoking cessation is indeed a difficult project. E-cigarettes provide a way to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine in tobacco oil. E-cigarettes can clearly control the content of nicotine (except for illegal manufacturers, regardless of consumer interests, not according to product label ratio) Add nicotine). E-cigarettes are available in all grades from 0mg to 24mg, with low levels of 3mg and 6mg, and high levels of 18mg and 24mg similar to cigarettes. People who want to quit smoking can gradually reduce the nicotine content. Isn't the nicotine replacement therapy that is more effective in quitting smoking use this idea? 8, enjoy smoking at any time



In view of the small impact of electronic cigarette "second-hand smoke" on others, some public places are still allowed to smoke electronic cigarettes. More is a smoke-free factory like Foxconn. Because of the safety hazard of cigarettes, the entire production area is forbidden to smoke. If you want to smoke, then spend half an hour going out of the factory to pump it and replace it with e-cigarette. Can be solved very well. 9, more environmentally friendly



Cigarettes use chemical compounds that are difficult to degrade. Many cigarette butts are thrown into the streets, sewers, and rivers. The cigarettes cause huge environmental problems. We often see the littering cigarettes in the scenic spots. Everyone understands that it is a What kind of mood? E-cigarettes not only do not produce cigarette butts, but also do not produce harmful gases that pollute the atmosphere. E-cigarette smoking is a relatively responsible choice for the environment. 10, e-cigarette saves money



Once a smoker develops the deadly habit of smoking, the money is a small expense. After investing in a good quality electronic cigarette device, the money for smoke oil and maintenance equipment is lower than that of cigarettes. The price of a bottle of high-end smoke oil is also lower than the price of Yuxi smoke. Buying large quantities of smoke oil saves more money.


  1. safer

    online vape shopThe fires caused by the unextinguished cigarette butts are not uncommon. The state has also introduced a number of strict tobacco control policies. This shows that traditional cigarettes bring more than personal harm to the people and bring extremes to the entire public society. A big security risk. The smoking electronic cigarette does not produce an open flame. It is an aerosol generated by evaporating the smoke oil. There is no burning, and there is no fire hazard.

  2. Easy to use

    vapingcigE-cigarettes can be pumped at any time and anywhere, and the control of uncontrolled tobacco policies. No cigarette butts and soot are produced, and there is less trouble and trouble in finding a trash can. It is simple and convenient to put the e-cigarette directly in your pocket without taking it.

The above is about the choice of e-cigarettes? What are the benefits of e-cigarettes? I hope to help you. E-cigarette smoking does not endanger the health of the body, and it does not produce the health of people around the sea.