10 Best Foods To Buy Organic

Published: December 2, 2013

There are many benefits to buying organic food, including increased nutrition, better taste, zero pesticide residue, and environmental responsibility. However, organics are typically quite a bit more expensive than non-organics. If you must choose which foods to buy organic, take a look at the list that follows, which details the 10 most pesticide ladden foods on the market. 

  1. Apples

    An apple a day does not always keep the doctor away. Non-organic apples are the most pesticide ladden fruit on the market. Apple trees are sprayed with pesticeds for a myriad of pests and when analyzed, apples contained residue from dozens of them.

  2. Celery

    Celery, which is high in fiber and many vitamins, is a healthy choice when bought organic. However, this highly vascular vegetable will retain pesticides in its watery flesh. So, even a thourough washing will not remove pesticide residue from this vegetable. 

  3. Cherry Tomatoes

    Cherry tomatoes are a highly hybridized varitety of tomatoes, which means that they are tolerant to many pesticides and lack the nutrition of a herloom or less hybridized tomato. Because of this, cherry tomatoes are frequently sprayed with more pesticeds than other varieties of tomatoes.

  4. Cucumbers

    Cucumbers make a great addition to salads, sandwhiches and many other dishes, but their shiny skins retain alot of pedticide residue. Make sure to either buy this vegetable organic, or if you must buy non-organic, peel them before eatting or cooking. 

  5. Grapes

    Grapes made the list of the best foods to buy organic because of all of the pesticides found on their skins. Make sure that you buy not just regular grapes, but also grape juice, grape jelly, and grape jam organic. 

  6. Hot Peppers

    Don't let the kick of hot peppers fool you. All that heat dosn't ensure that pesticides are washed off. Hot peppers are great for you and contain a variety of antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients so definitely include them in your diet, just make sure to buy organic. 

  7. Imported Nectarines

    Imported nectarines should be bought organic because many imported nectarines have been found to contain many more pesticeds than domestic nectarines. Due to regulatory differences, certain countries use farming practices when growing these fruit that lend themselves to pesticide retainment.

  8. Peaches

    Juicy peaches are great for your health but before you put them in your next pie, cobbler, or jam make sure that they are organic. Even when washed well the fuzzy skin of the peach will retain alot of pesticed residue. 

  9. Potatoes

    Potatoes are a root, so they will esentially absorb anything in the soil into their flesh. This includes pesticides that are applied to the soil to prevent weeds from growing. It's best to buy the organic variety of any type of potato.

  10. Spinach

    This leafy green, which is rich in antioxidants, is considered a superfood and sould definitely be included in any healthy diet. However, do make sure to buy you spinach organic so that you get the maximum health benefit from this green. 

When it comes to buying organic not all foods are created equal. If you cannot buy all of your foods organic take a look at this above list and be sure to atleast buy those organic to avoid ingesting pesticides.