The Best Dairies in Western and Central Kentucky

Published: December 2, 2013

This is about dairy farmers and how impressive their dairy operations can be. You can visit dairy farms and learn about the processes behind things like pasteruization, care of the milked animals and equipment used in their sales and transport. 

  1. Stahler Dairy

    This is about dairy farmers and how impressive their dairy operations can be. A dairy farmer by the name of Jim Stahler along with his wife Judy have a large dairy and chicken farm of over 225 acres. Stahler's Dairy takes care of animals and produces dairy products. Stahler's also has an operation that raises chickens and provides chicken products for commercial use. The Stahlers' employ the nearby University students from Murray State University who are on the work study programs and themselfves tp carry out all of their farming operations.

  2. Lazy JV Ranch

    Lazy JV Ranch sells livestock such as Nubian goats, painted desert sheep, miniature donkeys and babydoll southdown sheep. All equipment to care for and transport these animals as well as other animals and breeds is available form this farm operation. They will rent animals for things like nativity scenes. like their camel. Find this farmer at 305 Hewey Lane in  Central City.

  3. Hoggardens of LIberty

    Hoggardens of Liberty, KY raises and sells a variety of goats incluiding Nubian, LaMancha and Nubian LaMahcha mix. They com help their customers establish their own herd of goats due to their experience at breeding and rearing their own. Hoggardens also boasts being an organic farm. 

  4. JD Country Milk

    JD Country Milk is found in Russellville or south central Kentucky. THey have cow milk that is hormone free. The dairy cattle are instead fed vitamin enriched grasses and the reciprocating milk they produce is 'low temperature' pasteurized to let these vitamins maintain their highest potency. JD sells milk and cheeses.

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Most dairy farmers sell their products to mass merchants no matter whether they are practicing the husbandry of cows or goats. Sometimes the dairy farmers only produce milk safe enough to feed to the livestock at which you won't be able to drink it or cook with it for yourself. Dairy farms are great places to have an adventure with a group of friends or children. The best dairy farm here is the Lazy JV RAnch where you can see a real camel if not rent one for your event!