Best Electricians in Hampton Roads

Published: November 12, 2013

This is a list of the best electricians in the Hampton Roads area. The list was compiled based on who I've used and interacted with over the past 25 years or so. I've worked in Construction and some of these companies are from my contacts there, as well as who I've used at my own residence. 

  1. Larry's Handyman Services

    If you're looking for someone to fix a small job in your home, Larry's Handyman Services is the right company. Licensed and insured, dependable, knowledgeable and reasonable. The have good prices and have been working in the hampton roads area for 15 years. 


  2. Bostic Electric

    Bostic Electric is a large, established company serving Hampton Roads. They do bigger electrical jobs such as new construction and commercial projects. If you are a contractor, builder, or own a commercial property-choose Bostic. They are friendly, knowledgable and reliable. 


  3. Hatchett Electrical

    Hatchett Electrical services Hampton Roads. They do both commercial and residential projects and are also very knowledgable. As a family owned company they have reasonable rates and master electricians on staff. There family has been in the electrical or construction business for decades. 


All three of the companies mentioned above are top notch. I've worked with all of them and have no complaints. Which company you choose depends completely on what type of job you have. Small jobs such as installing a fan or changing a light switch shoud go to Larry's Handyman Services, other than that-it's your choice.