Best Egg Nog in New York City

Published: December 2, 2013

When the holiday season is here, we all look to the great presents, parties and fun family times. But having egg nog during the holidays is a tradition that will never go away. Here is a list of the best egg nog in the New York City area. List results are based upon taste, freshness and thickness.

  1. Ronnybrook Farm Dairy

    It is one of the few brands of egg nog that is made fresh daily in the New York tri-state area. While it isnt the thickest or richest in flavor, the freshness of the eggs and milk makes up for it so much. There is no fresher egg nog than this.

  2. Southern Comfort Vanilla Spice Egg Nog

    Southern Comfort's egg nog is the thickest entry of the list. The vanilla Spice variety of the egg nog is much better than the traditional flavor that Southern Comfort offers. The flavor is extremely rich and the taste of the vanilla still has an impact long after consumption. If it wasnt fot the freshness, it could easily be number one on the list.

  3. Organic Valley Eggnog

    Organic Valley lives up to the name. It is considered the most popular brand of eggnog that uses organic milk and eggs. The organic element provides a level of freshness that makes it a premium eggnog. What is lacks is thickness, flavor makes up for it.

Ronnybrook Farm is the way to go for any eggnog lover. But Southern Comfort and Organic Valley provides excellent alternatives if the first brand is not available All of these brands are excellent during the holidays and will make it memorable anytime you have it