Best Unusual Pets

Published: December 2, 2013

Everyone has cats and dogs and dead goldfish.  Bunnies are boring, snakes are sinister, gerbils are just glorified rats.  Here's some unusual pets to consider if you happen to be in the market for companionship. 

  1. Peacocks

    You can buy peacock chicks for about $50 ( and they make beautiful pets.  It's fairly simple to find a decent chicken coop somewhere (craigslist, your local feed store) and that will be sufficient for your little peafowl friend.  Generaly peacocks are easy going and will just waddle around being chill, just don't try and pluck their feathers to make etsy jewelry. 

  2. Teacup Pig

    Pigs make great pets!  They are intelligent, can be litter trained, and get along well with all types of family members.  Some varieties of pigs can get quite large (100's of lbs) so I suggest going with a teacup pig for a pet.

  3. Sloth

    Sloths are without a doubt the best animal on the internet.  They are cute, cuddly, easy going, and exotic.  They may be illegal in some states (but they are legal in california!) and may be incredbly expensive, but very worth it if you have an extra $5 grand to drop on trying to domesticate a jungle creature.  

    Plus you can wrap them up in butter:

  4. Morray Eel

    Saltwater aquariums make great hobbies and open up a home to all kinds of exotic pets.  However, if you're just getting started in the saltwater world, it can be a bit tricky and you risk killing off your fish.  Don't rush out and buy a nemo fish right away.  Start with a zebra morray eel.  They look like flying snakes as they swim back and forth in your tank, and are quite hearty.  I've had my dumb, lovable sea serpent for a few years now and he just sleeps on some rocks and glides around eating shrimp.  Easy to care for, freaks out strangers, impresses coworkers.  

Heather has a headache today, so if anyone owns a copy of this movie: please track me down immediately.  We are going to watch cute animals today, as inspired by our list. 


I also recommend getting a plant if you are feeling lonely or not up for the task of caring for a dog.  Start with this one: Peace Lily's clear the air of toxins, look lovely, do well in cooler climates, and are easy to care for. 

If pets and plants are still a bit above your coping skills, this might be of use to you: