Worst Sedans to Rent in Winter Weather

Published: December 1, 2013

There is a time in everyone's life when you have to rent a car and drive in winter weather.  This can be dangerous and intimidating and renting the wrong car can turn your knuckles whiter than the snow falling on the ground.  Below is a list of cars to AVIOD in winter weather.

  1. Dodge Charger

    While this car is big and powerful, the rear wheel car and loose steering can have you spinning out up and down the highway.


  2. Ford Fiesta

    While you have to LOVE the gas milage for this car, the downside of having great gas mileage is that the car is light as a feather and gets stuck easily in snow.

  3. Kia Rio

    With little power and little weight, this car will have trouble getting up even the smallest of hills in the snow.

  4. Dodge Avenger

    Voted worst mid-size for most of the last decade, this car naturally has problems in the winter.  Terrible power, steering and road grip makes this car a nightmare to drive in winter weather.

  5. Ford Focus

    Great little car, but being a light car makes it tough to handle in ice and snow.  

If you saw a theme in this list you are correct.  When you are at the rental counter avoid rear-wheel drive and small cars when you know you are going to be traveling in bad winter weather.  Pay the few extra bucks and upgrade to fullsize sedan, preferrably a V6 with front wheel drive.