Best Dentists in East Portland

Published: December 1, 2013

No one likes going to the dentist.  Except me, I love it now, because I finally found the right dentist.  After letting my oral health go for as long as I could, I finally made the call and apprehensively showed up for my first appointment in years.  My teeth are great now, and yours can be too!

  1. Debra Currey, Sedation Dentistry

    I waited for about 4 seconds before I was whisked back to the scary dental chair with the bright lights and sharp tools laid out.  Except, it wasn't scary, because they had a heated chair massager on the dental chair, silly pictures everywhere, and they covered me in a blanket and gave me a pair of headphones to listen to music.  

    Oh, and the dentist also perscribed me valium for my dental anxiety, so the entire appointment went by in a bit of a daze.  A few appointments later, I've had a root canal and 4 cavities filled, and I can't quite even remember what happened, except for that first minute and cozy blanket. I'd say that makes for a great dentist. 

  2. Marc Bianco

    For the more straightedged approach to dentistry, Marc Bianco has been a family dentist for more years than I can remember, but enough that three generations of my family has gone there.  If you want a trusted teeth cleaning professional, he's your guy.

  3. Broadway Dental Care

    Easygoing staff, nice dentist, affordable, professional, all that you'd want in a dentist.  Lots of perks like teeth bleaching.  Convenient location.  Going to the dentist isn't usually awesome, but here it's at least pleasant and gets the job done.

If you've been putting it off for awhile and don't know where to start, try one of these clinics.  None of them gave me so much as the common "floss more" lecture, and didn't make me feel bad or ashamed of my teeth or brushing skills.  They just fixed my mouth right up, and now I eat apples daily.