The Best House Cleaning Services in the Murray Area

Published: December 1, 2013

When you want a cleaner home you sometimes don't know where to turn. Ahead is a list of house cleaning contractors from the small independent home cleaning service agent to the bigger guy. You might prefer one over the other in a variety of situations or you might have a favorite go to at all times. 

  1. Barbara Keats

    Barbara is an experienced house cleaner. She does a good job. Offering an efficient maid service is her goal. She is found in Dover, Tennessee, just over the state line. She can be reached at 931-624-5430 . Barbara Keats is an independent contractor meaning she is the sole owner of her cleaning busininees. Negotiating a cleaning regimine with Barbara is a pleasure.

  2. Miracles House Cleaning

    Miracles House Cleaning is an independent business in Murray. Miracle House Cleaners not only deep clean your home, they are also prepared to clean up after home construction projects. They will clean up your home and your yard covering every facet of care necessary. Miracles also deep cleans your car, truck, van or boat both inside and out at your request. Call them at 270-227-4796 in Murray.

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  3. Superior Cleaning Service

    Superior Cleaning Service is locally owned and operated. It is not a cookie cutter operation. These cleaning hires will clean windows, wax floors, touch up paint and other painting, pressure wash and handle the clean-up on forclosed homes. They clean up your carpets, exterior gutters and outdoor home siding. Anything that gets dirty or unkempt will be clean and tidy with the help of this cleaning service from Murray.

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When you want a property clean enough to impress you sometimes reach for a cleaning service. The above services provide cleaning in and around the Murray, Ky. area. The best service here is Miracles with the devotion and helpfulness you want when you want your mess in a better state. Suprior Cleaning Service might be, although, who you would rather choose when moving or selling your home