The Ultimate Mascaras on Earth

Published: December 1, 2013

Fat lashes and long lashes, black lashes and even colored lashes are fun and flirty. Big lashes make your eyes look bigger and sexier. Mascara is probably the most important make-up staple aside of soap and water. Be sure to enjoy the product regularly.

  1. Maybelline Colossal

    Colossal really makes for fat lashes. It is a beautiful mascara and is priced at less than $7. You can't find better mascara at this price. The tube has a fat brush with it and the bristles are rubber to supposedly protect lashes from breaking. It must work because after using this mascara your eyelashes look beautifu.


  2. Cover Girl Professional

    Cover Girl Professional Mascara makes for thicker curvier lashes and it often is sold in a brown shade as well as a variety of black and black-brown. The brush will get the tiniest of lashes and it is great for capturing those lower lashes and will give you a fabulous look.

  3. Yves Rocher

    Yves Rocher makes the most dynamite mascaras and the make a very special line of colored mascaras with colors such as green, blue or violet to in addition to black. You will love the consistancy of the mascara and the colors are surprising on, lashes look darker with a flirt of color. It is great.

Mascara is the best make-up tool for making yourself beautiful and younger looking if you are older. It is best to change to a new tube every several months so you can enjoy the lushest lashes and practice safety and good hygiene. The very best mascara is Colossal by Maybelline.