Top Ten Best Comedies of the 90's

Published: December 1, 2013

While trying to decide what the best comedies of the 1990's were, the most important thing that I factored in was how hard it makes you laugh. Although there were more than enough slapstick comedies in this decade, the films on this list take into account the depth of comedic writing, and not just the cheap laughs.

  1. The Big Lebowski

    This will forever reign in Infamy as the Coen Brothers best comedy ever made, even beating out Fargo. There's John Goodman as a gun nut, Steve Bucsemi as a pacifist, and Jeff Bridges as, essentially, a loser. Donny's burial made me laugh the hardest I ever had.

  2. Groundhog Day

    This is strangely Bill Murray's funniest movie. He is a cynical reporter stuck for the night in a town that he hates. It turns out that he ends up stuck there, in a neverending life of Groundhog Day. He goes from confused, to eventually just kidnapping the groundhog and diving off a cliff, only to find himself waking up on Groundhogs Day again.

  3. There's something about Mary

    This is the funniest movie the Farrelly Brothers have made, and It's almost iconic. Ben Stiller gets his junk stuck in a zipper, making him lose prom. He looks for Mary ten years later, and meets a whole slew of slimeballs along the way. Oh, and Cameron Diaz mistakes something for hair gel.

  4. Home Alone 2

    The first installment of Home Alone was great, but it's sequel took some of its best ideas and just expanded on them. Instead of the bad guys chasing the kid through his house, they are chasing him through New York City. When he threw bricks at their head was the best part, and you always gotta love a good ol electrocution.

  5. Addams Family Values

    This is probably my favorite movie of this list, but not the funniest. It's a sequel to The Addams Family, but way better than the first. The kids are tring to murder eachother, The uncle is recruited by a serial killer, and the entire summer camp goes up in flames. Definately worth a second and third watch.

  6. Private Parts

    This is a dramatic autobiography about Howard Stern, featuring himself as himself. It doesn't feel like he's showboating, and it doesn't feel like a documentary. It feels like a Drama, with quite a bit of comedy in it. You get to see a man go from struggling to successful, all without changing who he was.

  7. The Cable Guy

    For a man who made so many comedies in the nineties, this is Jim Carrey's best movie of that decade. He runs into Matthew Broderick, and gives him free cable in exchange for a psychotic friend. He grows jealous of his new friends girlfriend, and even jousts with him at a dinner theater.

  8. Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Juice in the Hood

    "Message!" This is the best Wayans Brother's movie ever made. It satirized all of the movies about Black people living in the hood, and did so brilliantly. A son goes home to his Dad who is still living with his mother, and is actually shorter than he is. A Black Nationalist that loves white women. An O.G. who cant go out with his friends because his mom told him no. This is very worth the watch.

  9. Friday

    This was Ice Cube's first real introduction to both the silver screen and marijuana. It show's what a Friday looked like in Compton in the early nineties. Smokey poops in a bush, Felicia casually asks to borrow ice Cube's care, and a thug picks on the weak. It's sad at times, while also hilarious.

  10. Mrs. Doubtfire

    This is one of Robin William's classics, and probably his funniest movie. He gets into situations that would only happen to little old ladies, but reacts to them like a man would. He fends off a bus driver with his hairy legs, and tackles a purse thief, all dressing like a 60 year old British woman. 

Of all the films on this list, the top three could be watched repeatedly for about a week. Some films are so hilarious, that their jokes never get old, and you never get tired of seeing them. The nineties did have more depth than the more popular movies of that decade would lead you to beleive.

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