Top Ten Best Comedies of the 80's

Published: December 1, 2013

A best of list of comedies from the 1980's. Laughability was my first priority in the rating system, while societal impact also played a key role in determining their scores. Also, I factored in if this was the kind of movie you could watch over and over.

  1. Vacation

    This is the kind of comedy gold that will have you laughing, even after you've already seen it many times before. Sit and watch as you have the thrill of meeting Cousin Eddie and his daughter stirring the kool-aid with her hand. See what happens when Aunt Edna dies. It's a family road trip movie that will last forever.

  2. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

    Made in 1987, This was the grandfather of all the buddy road trip movies you've ever seen. First, John Candy's character falls asleep at the wheel, then gets his coat stuck in the drivers seat, and then the entire car goes up in flames. Steve Martin will never be spooned so comedically ever again.

  3. Coming To America

    What separates this film from all of Eddie Murphy's other ventures is that he doesn't play an American. He play's an African prince who goes to Queens to find a Queen. This movie seems so big budget, and it's a shame that it didn't make a fortune at the box office, because I would happily see McDowell's for the first time.

  4. Fletch Lives

    This is a sequel to Fletch, and honesly much funnier than its predecessor. He is basically an investigative detective, who will make his story work by any means. Watch as he pulls out his doctor uniform, and accidentally gets put into tthe surgery room. One of Chevy Chase's best. He pretended to be Harley, of Harley Davidson, in a bikers bar.

  5. Beetlejuice

    This isn't the funniest of movies, and there are a lot of people who wont connect to the satire of Tim Burton. However, this movie is a classic. Tim Burton's version of hell was a couple waiting in a thousand person long line in a welfare office. Michael Keaton's finest work.

  6. Back to the Future

    This movie is remarkable. It just made time travel seem so cool. The writer used the butterfly effect, and made it so that Marty's mother fell in love with him 40 years ago by helping his soon to be father. "Calvin Clein, that's your name isn't it?"

  7. The Goonies

    This film is a peice of 80's gold. You get to see the truffle shuffle, you get to understand the "Rocky Road" reference, not to mention a treasure map and a pirate ship. Oh, and did I mention that both of the Corey's are in it? And they save the orphanage?

  8. The Money Pit

    It starts off so calm and relaxed, but suddenly this couple goes through disaster after disaster. He nails a stair down, and then the staircase collapses. He has to walk up a ladder to bring hot water for a bathtub upstairs, and then the bathtub falls through the ceiling. Need I say more?

  9. A Christmas Story

    "You'll shoot your eye out kid!" is just one of the many quotables that you can get from this holiday classic. "It says Frag-I-Le. Must be Italian" before he cranks out a leg lamp. What this movie is most known for however is when the kid gets his tounge stuck on the icey pole.

  10. Trading Places

    Dan Akroyd plays a silver spooned snob, and Eddie Murphy plays a homeless man. They trade places, and Dan Akroyd falls apart. This deserves to be a part of the list for the scene where a poor Dan Akroyd embarrasses himself in fron of his snob friends.

National Lampoon's Vacation trumps all of the other movies on this list, simply because it makes you laugh the most. It's a semi-clean family comedy that you can't stop laughing at, even after the tenth time watching it. And everybody knows what Wally World is.

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