Best Electricians in Laramie, Wyoming

Published: December 1, 2013

This list serves as a utility in order to judge the best electricians in Laramie, Wyoming with the proffesional number one on the list being the very best of all electricians in Laramie, Wyoming, and number ten being the worst of all the best electricians in Laramie, Wyoming. These electricians are ranked based on their overall quality and craftsmanship within the proffession of electrician and are not based upon pice.

  1. Voltech Electric Inc.

    Voltech Electric Inc. This is the very best electrician company in all of Laramie, Wyoming. Providing the best quality and craftsmanship you can find in all of Albany County. Voltech Electric Inc., is the very best company because they provide extrodinairy service and only employ the very best technicians in the area.

  2. Tom's Electric and Maintenance

    Although Tom's Electric and Maintenance is not the best company of electricians in Laramie, Wyoming it is still of extremely high quality. This locally owned Laramie business provides extreme quality with a name and locally owned customer service that anyone would be extremely pleased to work with. Tom's Electric & Maintenance

  3. R C Electric

    R C Electric The third business on the list includes R C Electric. This small and locally owned business provides extremely quick and quality service. Although they aren't the best on the list they provide the fastest services electricians can provide here in Laramie, Wyoming.

  4. Quality Electric

    Quality Electric This company is another great locally owned business that is well-known for their extremely hard work and accurate quoting of service estimates. This company will never go over their initial price estimate, even if the job requires more than what was initially estimated!

  5. Apex Electric Inc.

    This company is located on the north side of Laramie, Wyoming and is currently ranked number five on this extensive list. This small company has been in Laramie for many years and provides a reliable and quality service to the community of Laramie. It appears that their customer service is a bit lacking compared to the electrician companies listed so far.Apex Electric Inc.

  6. Dietz Electric LLC

    Dietz Electric LLC Dietz Electric is a relativley new business in the Laramie, Wyoming area and due to this has recieved the 6th rank out of 10 on this list. Although there has been good testimony regarding the efficacy of this business it's roots are not heavily ingrained within the Laramie Community.

  7. Mars-Maintenance & Repair Services

    Mars Maintenance and Repair Services has been around Laramie, Wyoming for some time. This company provides a wide range of services including appliance and electrical work. This company is known to do fantastic work, however since it is not exclusivley commited to electrician trade work it has been listed as 7 out of 10 on this list.Mars Maintenance and Repair

  8. Fremont Electric Inc

    Fremont Electric Inc has also been around the state of Wyoming for sometime and has proven itself as a reputable company. Fremont Electric is local to Wyoming, however it is a rather large branch with many different businesses throughout Wyoming which has earned it on rank 8 out of 10 in this list due to its lack of affiliation with the local Laramie economy.Fremont Electric Inc

  9. Kalcon Electric

    Ninth on the list has been reserved for Kalcon Electric, another local business in Laramie, Wyoming. Kalcon has been in Laramie for some years and is located in the scenic downtown area of Laramie. Although this company has been known for its good services in business, security, and electrical services it is not yet accredited by the Better Business Bureau.Kalcon Electric

  10. Trident Electric

    Last but not least the final company on the list is Trident Electric of Laramie, Wyoming. Trident Electric is located on the East side of Laramie and although it is a reputable company it recieves a 10 out of 10 on this list of the best electricians in Laramie due to their poor testimonies regarding customer service.Trident Electric

Just to reiterate, this list serves to identify the best electricians in Laramie, Wyoming, meaning that all the companies listed here are of amazing quality for all local Laramie electrical needs and more! The best company for all of your electrical needs however is Voltech Electric Inc. This company can suit all your electrician needs whether you are wanting to great customer service, cheap prices, quality and prompt technicians, this company is for you! But don't hesitate to also check out some of these other amazing companies mentioned on this list.