Best Nintendo games

Published: December 1, 2013

My favorite list of Nintendo Games 

  1. Super metroid

    The pinnacle of the Super nintendo and heralded one of the best games ever made.Often because of how it tells a story and play superb.Personally it is my favorite due to the atmosphere provided from the very begining to the end of the game.

  2. Super mario bros USA

    A really different sequel that was really just relabled for the american market but despite being so it is still a great mario game and even the changes to the usa version.I really like all the new features added as well as the character differences 

  3. Zelda:The wind waker

    A really grand game for its time and offers a large amount of area to explore at your content.Despite the age it even still looks rather nice compared to modern games due to the fantastic shading done it is almost art work.

  4. Super mario world 2:Yoshis island

    One of the most charming games ever made looks absolutely great and is fun.The coloring book look and design never ceases to amaze and it pops up at you.To top it off with the unique gameplay and mechanics set it apart from others 

  5. Donkey kong country 2

    One of the best sequels made in a 2d platformer.With a great sense of art direction and level design easily became one of my favorites the very first time i ever played it and deserves to be in the top ten of any games 

  6. Mario Kart WII

    The best in the series and evolving the franchise further than what it had been in the previous games in the series adding online play changed so much and proved it to be one of the best games even selling an record worth.

  7. Super mario 64

    One of the most redefining games ever released it made 3d space work.Unlike previously it was not as clunkyand worked really well despite the early technical issues and hiccups and was very enjoyable even today and the remake released added more

  8. Zelda Skyward sword

    A game that was misunderstood by some and hated by a few.I still see it as a great game because of the innovative control scheme which was 1:1 sword control and was done well and never felt out of place and even made for good puzzles 

  9. Super smash bros Melee

    It took what was a fun but kind of shallow games its predescor was and made it a really fleshed out game worth enjoying by yourself or with others unlike the first which was rather disapointing even for its time and still tops its sequel brawl

  10. Metroid Prime

    One of the best games made in first person proving an adventure game could benefit from a first person perspective and work.It looked nice and played better and redfined what a first person game should be even most games today dont touch it 

In conclusion this is my list of ten Nintendo games i love and really enjoyed and while some may digress and disagree with me.The impact and change most of these games had is undeniable they are all good and worthy games to be in a list