The Best Ways to Get Beyond Your Smoking Addiction

Published: December 1, 2013

There are medications that are touted for their ability to aid smokers in quiting. Zyban is the antidepressant drug most deliberately designed to let a smoker break their habit. I personally think it's going to take more than an anti-depressent to quit. It certainly took me more effort than that. I would plan on some other tools when I get ready to quit if if were me.

  1. Filters That Eliminate the Nicotine

    Special kinds of charcoal can remove the nicotine from your cigarettes or other tobacco. If you smoke cigaretts, it is easier to find the filters that reduce the toxins and addictors by 90%. When you follow the instructions that come with the filters you can get rid of that nicotine addiction thats makes you love lighting up one cigarette after another. Another brand of nicotine remover, Nic-Out, is all at one level of nicotine removal and you control the grand total you might inhale in one day.

  2. Nicotine Chewing Gum

    This is a popular choice among those wishing to give up their cigarette habit. And, no wonder, the gum puts a hot smoky feel in your mouth much like lit tobacco and makes it so much easier to not smoke for lengths of time. I personally chewed the gum with not smoking. Then I chewed the gum allowing myself 3-6 ultra long cigarettes in excrements of three or four puffs every hour or two, and gum was one or two pieces of 2 mg over 6 hour lapses with no puffing allowed. I liked this challenge of off and on with the two items. It made it easier until I could do without the puffing. 

    I had a doctor at the period of time in which I managed to quit, which by the way took about 8 months of effort. He said to use the 4 mg nicotine gum. So, I proceeded to use the 4 mg, and it was good. I still consider getting a box to have around the house to this day.

    In my case I had to combine the previous 'reduce the nicotine product' with the gum and the off and on gum chewing, smoking, my own formula to pull this quitting off. I now indulge in menthol cough losenges in a variety of flavors.

  3. Electronic Cigarettes

    These sound a lot like the nicotine removing kind of smoking as far as that goes, because you still get to smoke, but your health risks are reduced significantly. Smoking e-Cigs, another name for Electronic Cigarettes, is not ceasing to smoke it is simply offering a safer item to 'smoke.' You probably know E-Cigarettes emit a vapor reminiscent of cigarette smoke and the taste and feel in your mouth of real smoking. Smoking these might be a good step while planning to actually quit.

My favorite best quit smoking aid has the nicotine remover and the gum tying for first place. I don't condone 'just quitting' not only is that a miserable state to ensue but it elevates your blood pressure among other nasty withdrawal symptoms more than if you use smoking ceasation aids and take your time about it.