The best hangout bars in Northern Virgina

Published: November 30, 2013

This is a list of fun pubs and bars to hang out and meet cool people  in the Northern Virgina/DC area.  The listing attributes include crowd, quality and combination of food and drink, location, loose base of popularity and overall affordability.

  1. King Pinz, Leesburg, VA

    King Pinz is a bowling alley and a bar combined that adds a fun atomosphere with a splash of upscale nightlife in it scene. With a full kicthen you have the option to order from a wide array of menu items as well. The latest arcade games in house also make it easy to mix up your way to have fun here. Its al all in one funhouse for the sophisticated lounger!                           kingpinz website

  2. Lost Dog Cafe, North Arlington, VA

    If you are a fan of craft beers this is the place to be! Loaded with over 35 specialty brews this is a great meet up spot to try diffrent brews with buddies and also dive into some of their scruptious menu items.  For food you can't miss with the pizzas which have been know locally for awards in the "best of" catergory. Expect a mixed crowd and a really cool laid back enviromen


  3. Finnegans, Ashburne VA

    Finnegans is the place to go for the good ol' Irish Pub atmosphere! This spot is a given on St. Pattys but outside of that they have a pretty tempting happy hour ranging from half price drinks and apps typically from the range of 3-8pm. Flat screen tvs docked in everycorner for the football games, and even poker nights about 3 times a week are hosted at this location.  Craft and local brews on draft make it easy to try the brews that are made close to home and afar



Depending on your mood and what you are into each of these bars definetly have the craft beer scene and atmosphere on a stand.  If you are more into a upscale atmosphere to entertain friend King Pinz would absolutley be your go to. When it comes to happy hour and just all around hang out in the Northern VA, DC area then spots like Lost Dog, and Finnegans are going to be your well known spots with good service, price and cacthy menu items that are sure to make you a usual.