The Best Books and Coffee Shops

Published: November 30, 2013

This "best of" lists book stores with coffee shops, places to sit and read, drink someting warm or cold.  They are bookstores where I love to meander the aisles before landing upon some new books to skim through.  There is room to sit and dawdle away an afternoon.  These are big and little stores that serve the literary bunch in this community.    

  1. Books Ink

    This little book shop is tucked away in a back, ourdoor hall of the Crescent Shopping Center, Portland, Texas, is a suburb of Corpus Christi, just across the bay.  Jennifer has used books of every genre, and sells them at a discount always.  You can take your read books in and receive a credit towards your ned reads.  Jennifer makes coffee and various coffee drinks right there in the shop.  Places to sit and friends to meet.  Right at Books Ink.  Books Ink

  2. Half-Price Books

    Half-Price Books is a large franchise store but is filled with used books from customers who trade them in for recycling to new readers.  Half Price also carries new/overstocked books that are fairly new to the market.  This one, in Corpus Christi, Texas, Moore Plaza, has Cafe Calypso which serves coffee, tea, cocoa, along with baked goodies.  Entrance to the Cafe is from the outside and the inside of the store making it very convenient.  There is plenty of room in there to sit with friends, or read your new book.  it is Wi-Fi friendly. Half Price Books  Half Price Books gives back to the community by donating many books to our local hospitals and shelters, plus they engage the public regarding children.  It's a great store.

  3. Barnes and Noble Booksellers

    A favorite for it is spacious and filled with new books, with educational toys and books, with a great coffee shop where Starbucks coffee and tea, lunch soups, and sandwiches are served.  I can relax in the cafe while I eat my lunch while reading a book off of the shelf or a book on my Nook.  Always a great way to spend a big hunk of a day!  Barnes & Noble Booksellers  

Books and I go hand-in-hand.  I love being able to sit still in one while surrounded by books of all genres.  I also love to have my glass of iced tea while I enjoy the new and the old books to read.  These three book/coffee shops are superb for doing both in South Texas.