Top 10 NFL Players

Published: November 12, 2013

So many game breakers in the NFL that it's hard to break them all down. I'm going to list the top 10 players from the 2013 NFL season today. So make sure you're watching when you get the chance to see one of these superstars.

  1. Adrian Peterson

    AD as he is known, almost broke the single season rushing record last year while coming off a torn ACL. If you dont realize just how incredible that is you should. One of very very few players to ever break the 2000 yard mark in a single season.

  2. Julio Jones

    By far the best wide reciever in the NFL this season, and its not even close. If you want a reference point, look no further than how far the Atlanta Falcons have fallen in the time that Jones has been out with an injury.

  3. Russell Wilson

    Russell Wilson doesn't get anywhere near the credit he deserves. He is leading the 2nd best team in the NFL right now on a nightly basis. No other quarterback gets it done as well with his arm and his feet. 

  4. Peyton Manning

    Peyton is the best throwing quarterback in the NFL today. He might be the best quarterback of all time before he retires in a few years. He has turned that Denver Bronco team around completely in the 2 short years since getting signed by them. 

  5. Tom Brady

    Brady has gotten by year after year without having much in the way of real talent at WR. This season is the first where he has actually struggled to put up gaudy numbers. Still Brady finds a way to lead the Patriots to the playoffs year after year.

  6. Jamal Charles

    Probably the fastest running back in the NFL today. Charles is just as likely to break one off for a 70 yard touchdown as he is to get tackled at the line of scrimmage. No question this guy is gonna be one of the best in the NFL for a lot of years ahead. 

  7. Robert Griffin III

    RG3 as he's known is the most spectacular player in the NFL. He might have more raw talent than any player in today's NFL. The downside to RG3 is that he makes so many plays specatularly that he opens himself up for big hits, and the hits have caused some injuries.

  8. Calvin Johnson

    Megatron is an absolute beast when it comes to wide outs. No wide receiver in the NFL is as consistent, and no wide out has ever put up more yards in a season than Calvin Johnson did last season. Oh yeah, and hes playing in Detroit. 

  9. Drew Brees

    Drew led the New Orleans Saints to a superbowl a few seasons back and no one thought they would even make the playoffs. Despite not having a real wide reciever on his team Brees somehow continues to lead the league in yards passing year after year.

  10. Jimmy Graham

    The only tight end to make the top 10 comes from New Orleans as well. Despite not having many wide outs worth writing home about, the Saints have a giant tight end named Jimmy Graham who is the best in the game. 

There are so many superstar players in the league on so many different teams. Be sure to look out for these guys on Sunday afternoons and evenings when there teams are playing prime time games, because these will be the guys carrying their teams to victory.