The Best Places to Visit

Published: November 30, 2013

This list is for anyone who ever wanted to see the world but was unsure of where to go. I maintain that the places on this list are places I have been and had the best experiences with, it may not be the same for you because I know many people experience things in different ways including vacations. 

  1. Japan

    When I visited Japan, I visited/stayed in Kamakura, Tokyo and Narita (airport city) and all of it was beautiful even the shrines near the airport. The Japanese people were friendly and helpful to my mother and I. Japan goes at the top of this list because of the natural beauty of the country, the beautiful architecture and shrines, the hospitality of the Japanese people and the plethora of things to do.  

  2. Poland

    In this instance I only visited Krakow and Warsaw, however both were absolutely wonderful. There are free walking tours in both cities however I only got to take the one in Krakow (it was great I had an AMAZING tour guide named Ella who grew up in Krakow and executed the tour wonderfully). Poland is on my list because of affordability, hospitality and again things to see. I suggest Poland for any first time international traveller because of the abundancy of youth hostiles, reasonable prices and wonderful culturally significant sites to be seen (Polish also isn't a very difficult language to learn and most people speak at least a little English)

  3. Quebec, Canada

    The province of Quebec in Canada is beautiful and an amazing place if snow sports and other outdoor activities are your prefernce for a vacation. When I visited the Quebec province I visited Quebec City and Montreal I preferred Quebec City personally because of the old buildings and European charm but Montreal was very nice to someone who loves being in proximity to outdoor activities and a more modern atmosphere. I chose to put Quebec on my list for the ability to have the best of both worlds on your vacation. 

  4. Austrailia

    Not much of a place for history, Austrailia has an amazing culture and beauty. In one trip in Austrailia a visitor could climb over the Sydney Harbor Bridge, ride cammels around Ayers Rock and and snorkel around the Great Barrier Reef. Austrailia made my list for the variety of things to do, there's a little something for everyone when one takes a trip to Austrailia.

  5. Italy

    Italy is one of those places that has too much to see and too little time to see it. The people are overall very friendly and the sites such as the museum featuring priceless pieces of art, Vatican City, Mt. Vesuvius and the duomo are something that should definitely be seen if given the chance. Not to mention the food is fantastic. 

  6. Austria

    I put this destination last simply because I didn't get to see enough of it. But from what I did see, there is much to see in both Vienna and Salzburg including the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and there is much to do in the winter as far as ice skating and skiiing.

So to reiterate all of the places on the list are wonderful places to visit, but in my opinion Japan takes the cake for the number one spot simply because of the fact the country lent itself to a perfect vacation, the scenery was beautiful, the people were friendly and there were so many things to do that I didn't get to finish all of it.