10 best players in the NHL

Published: November 12, 2013

The NHL has some amazing players. Today I'll be looking at the top 10. This list will include all world players like Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin, and also will include incredible goalies by the likes of Henrik Lundqvist, and Pekka Rinne.

  1. Sidney Crosby

    There really is no other player in the world like Sidney Crosby. Sid the kid has all world talent to go along with his all world work ethic. Always the first one on the ice and the last one off, It's no wonder he's the greatest on the planet. 

  2. Alexander Ovechkin

    Ovie might be the best goal scorer since Mario Lemieux left the league. His wicked wrist shots leave goalies looking over their shoulder and wondering how that shot just went in. All the talent in the world, if Ovie can keep it together and not get injured he has a chance to break Gretzkys goal record.

  3. Jonathan Toews

    This Winnipeg born kid has come onto the scene on fire. He is the best two way forward in the NHL today. No one in the league gets back on defense like Toews and then still puts up a point a game on offense. 

  4. Henrik Lundqvist

    King Henrik as he's known around New York is absolutely incredible between the pipes. Without a doubt the best goalie in the National Hockey League today. Reminds many of Patrick Roy with his quickness, but he plays so deep in the net that shooters cant get the puck by him.

  5. Erik Karlsson

    Many people see a young Paul Coffey when they watch Karlsson skate with the puck. Has an absolutely effortless glide to his skating stride. No dman in the league is even in his class when it comes to putting up offensive numbers.

  6. PK Subban

    Subban gets a lot of hate in Montreal, it's really not warranted in my opinion. He is a great skater, solid hitter and he knows just when to jump in the rush and join in for an odd man opportunity. 

  7. Pekka Rinne

    This giant Finnish goalie takes up so much of the net its amazing. He has been one of if not the best goalie in the NHL for the last 5 years. After getting his new contract in Nashville he has not let down.

  8. Kris Letang

    This Quebec born defenseman can handle himself offensively and defensively as well. He isnt afraid to drop the mitts and can lay as good of an open ice hit as any dman in the league these days. Great speed is the key to his game, and the reason he is so successful. 

  9. John Tavares

    Not known to be the best skating centerman in the world, it really is quite amazing just how well Tavares has adapted himself to the NHL. Johnny T is just getting better year after year and could soon find himself number 2 or 3 on this list.

  10. Evgeni Malkin

    Geno as he's known to his teammates could be the best player in the NHL if he gave it his all 100% of the time. Unfortunately he tends to take nights off and doesnt always push himself the way his teammate Crosby does.

There are so many amazing athletes in the NHL. From defense to goaltenders to forwards there is only 1 Sidney Crosby. Crosby is bound to break all kinds of records before his career is over as long as he can stay healthy.