Top Board Games for Introducing RPGs

Published: November 30, 2013

RPGs or role playing games are essentially games led by a Game Master who generally will follow some given guidelines to create an adventure for two to four other players. Equipment necessary is minimal, and it's a good way to spend time. For those of you not familiar with playing role playing games, this list will cover three board games that are really good at introducing RPGs to your game nights.

  1. Mice and Mystics

    Mice and Mystics has a way of finding itself on many of my lists for a good quality game. If you're looking for a really good game that isn't too heavy on the strategy, Mice and Mystics is the one for you. The reason why Mice and Mystics is a good game to introduce RPGs to your game nights is because the game heavily focuses on the story. You'll need someone who can read the story well, or your enjoyment of this game may just fall flat on its face.

  2. Descent: Journeys in the Dark

    I was a little conflicted about putting this game on this list, but I finally relented. Descent: Journeys in the Dark pits a group of players against one player that acts as the evil overlord. The overlord creates levels and spawns monsters in those levels. The reason why this game is so good at introducing RPGs is because in the RPG setting, there will be one player creating the dungeon and setting up monsters in the game. The Game Master isn't necessarily trying to make the players lose per se, but their enjoyment of the game is unique to building obstacles for players to overcome.

  3. Castle Ravenloft

    Dungeons and Dragons has been the premiere role playing game of choice for many years. Wizards of the Coast have released a set of role playing games based on Dungeons and Dragons in the form of board games. My favorite of these is Castle Ravenloft. There are actually quite a few and they're all really good, so I highly recommend checking them out. This is the best way to play and learn a role playing game without having a Game Master.

Each of these games has a lot to offer for those looking to add role playing games to their weekly get-togethers. I believe that Castle Ravenloft is the best of the three games, simply because it's everything that you need to be able to play a role playing game with multiple levels without having a Game Master.