Top Herbal Supplements that Generate a Greater Sense of Well-Being That are Also Good For You

Published: November 30, 2013

This is about herbal supplements and how they can benefit your health more safely than drugs in almost all cases. The herbal supplements ahead are safe and useful in benefiting your health or even enhancing your beauty. I have used them all successfully myself.

  1. Saw Palmetto Extract

    Saw Palmetto is known to be widely used by men for their problems or to avoid these problems they might have with their prostrate glands. Saw Palmetto although is more useful than just for men's prostrate troubles although. Saw Palmetto, quite frankly makes a superb antihistamine/decognestant. Saw Palmetto will help enlarge your breasts. Ther are no side effects with this herbal, such as weight gain, and if you are allergic you can use this herbal supplement to alternate with sinus medication for those times when the sinus medication doesn't work like it should due to overuse.

  2. Valerian Root

    Valerian Root is sold as a sleep aid, yet is also useful as a pain reliever when cramping muscles are the root of the pain. Seemingly the Valerian relaxes the muscular system in general and helps to alleviiate pain especially when used together with an NSAID.

  3. Lecithin

    Lecithin is a best herb because it helps control your fatty deposits, you know, the unattractive kind known as celluite. The lecithin is used in processed foods as an emulsifier, meaning the foods won't separate in the package like they might without this additive, keeping them tasty and good for longer. Lecithin enhances nerve transmissions and can be used to lower cholesterol and to help eliminate depression or unwanted anxiety without side effects. You may not have noticed that you can purchase Lecithin over-the-counter in the herbal supplement section of your favorite store. This is why it has one of the top positions on this list. Lecithin occurs naturally in soybeans in abundance. You can use Lecithin in granules for basic health or figure control or in capsules for health issues. It will be more concentrated in the capsules.

  4. Oat Straw

    Oat Straw helps circulation. Oat Straw is a useful crossover after using anti-depressants. Oat Straw is great for libido. People medicate themselves with Oat Straw in supplement form to remedy inflammation or toothaches. Oat Straw is a main ingredient in supplements for increasing libido and sexual performance. Even though there is little to no proof that oat straw does these things, as far as medical documentation goes, many people enjoy Oat Straw to fix what ails them. Another name for Oat Straw is Northern Prickly Ash.


  5. St. John's Wort

    This is a happy pill, an herbal anti-depressant. It can enhance your mood level, meaning all of your moods are more intense as in sadder, happier, more excited or more worried. But, like an anti-depressent when you achieve a negative mood the ability to sort it from your gut and then eliminate it is heigtened, so, overall it is a happy pill. Sometimes we all like to cry, so if you want to feel bad it lets you do that, too. You're doing the choosing now. Youc could take 250-300 milligrams two or three each day. When you don't need it anymore, cut back about 200 mg at a time from your usual dose every few days for a few more weeks so your problem doesn't come back. The supplement is not very expensive anyway.

  6. Bee Pollen

    This was the herbal supplement that I was the most skeptical of, supposing this one was sheer quackery. At some time along the way during a special in the newspaper on Sunday that appeared in the paper's promotional ads you had to choose 6 products to get the introductory price of $2 each and with a limit of two of any one kind. So, I got the Bee Pollen to meet that quota. It is a good supplement for some reason. It has less vitamins overall than a regular vitamin supplement but much more of an energy boost! At least it did this for me. Try it, you might like it. It reminds me of octanosol an ingredient found in policosanol.

  7. Policosanol

    If one could find octanosol it would be my first choice for an energy supplement. Octanosol is found in abundance in cooked spinach and I love to eat spinach because it really makes me feel good. Supplements are more convenient than cooking a bunch of spinach all of the time. While on the topic, I like my spinach mixed with Sloppy Joes, no bun, just spinach.

    Policosonal helps people keep their cholesterol lower, so, it belongs on this list, that's for sure.

  8. Bladderwrack

    I love what bladderwrack can do for a weight loss diet. I find you lose more weight more quickly if you will take this supplement for about two weeks at a time while you are dieting. Two weeks on, two or three weeks off, is a good ratio for dropping those pounds and reducing your appetite. Bladderwrack is available in capsules and as a liquid to be taken in small droplets at a time which is allegedly the most potent way of taking the herb. I think it works great in capsule form and I know it costs less this way.

  9. Super Herb Diet

    So far, I have included only individual herbs that can be purchased at drug counters as over-the-counter supplements or through mail order sources. Super Herb Diet is available at one particular company in Indiana at their store and by mail order. It is super. As the bladderwrack performs wonders for a diet aid Super Herb Diet has even more helpful ingredients. It is a little expensive. It is best used the same way as the Bladderwrack was described earlier, on two weeks and then off two or three weeks until you are happy. This is the better supplement to keep taking without a break if rotation schedules like this are confusing to you.

  10. DHEA

    This is a popular supplement for slowing down the aging processes, unfortunately it has been accused of contributing to the likelihood of developing cancer. The more you take the worse the danger. I have taken it and I like it. I felt better and it helped in loweing my weight. DHEA is a hormone but it can come from plants, namely soy and wild yam. You can probably supplement with a modest amount with little or no harm, just no mega-doses. The usual dose is 25 mg a day.

  11. Wild Yam

    Wild Yam has made it's way into government publications, and the government still says there is little evidence to support its medicinal usefulness although others disagree. What has happened is that many creams called 'wild yam cream' have progesterone added, and this is the hormone that reduces female menstrual and menopausal symptoms. There is, on the other hand, a small amount of evidence that wild yam may reduce cholesterol levels. If you try wild yam, try the cream and look for progesterone in the ingredients list.



Herbal products contain helpful ingredients from nature. Just like Bayer aspirin is a spin off from the white willow herb, many herbs can be effective medication. My favorite herbal supplement is Saw Palmetto. It helps men. It helps women. It helps those with allergies, and, it is not very expensive. The second best herbal supplement in this list is Super Herb Diet, but if I could find octanosol that would be my second best choice.