The Best Houskeeping Services in the Jackson Purchase

Published: November 30, 2013

When you want a clean house or business you sometimes can't find this sort of service where you live. This is not so in the Jackson Purchase, there are professional cleaners and janitorial services available. You can put your best foot forward and have the peace of mind that comes from giving your stuff expert care.

  1. Crouch Carpet Cleaners

    At Crouch Carpet Cleaning the workers are trained to clean carpets, area rugs, even oriental rugs, upholstery and for odor removal. Let the experts take care of your  home or business needs. They are most adept at stain removal and make use of hot water extraction techniques to clean your rugs and upholstery for the utmost in sanitary clean. Whether you need a commercial cleaner or just one for your home, Crouch can do it.


  2. Rob's Window Cleaning

    Rob's not only cleans your windows, downspouts and gutters, although this is their expertise, they also provide housecleaning services. Special power-washing is used for cleaning your windows and you can also purchase various window treatments from Rob's . You think you will do your own windows and then after doing a few you see the rest are clumsy to manage and out of reach. Let a professional take care of this for you this time.

  3. Servicemaster of Reidland, Paducah and Benton

    A professional clean from a team of workers get the job done in half the time, saving on costs and time needed to achieve results. This company takes care of damage brought on by fire or smoke, water or mold. They have blasters, carpet and upholstery cleaning machines and other cleaning media allowing their workers to get the job done to your satisfaction.

  4. Merry Maids

    Yes there is a Merry Maids in this area. The maids are available every day except Sunday. They clean everything from floor to ceiling so you don't have to. Your computer, computer keyboard, stove, baseboards, kitchen cabinets and entrance ways. Merry Maids offers maid services, residential cleaning, commercial cleaning and housekeepers. For residential cleaning Merry Maids even offers dollars off coupons to their customers.

Service offers the most intense work force with the most extensive line of home cleaning equipment, therefore it is the best housecleaning service on the list. The rest of the candidates have very good services and may be the type of cleaning service that would serve you best.