Best Housecleaners in Mifflinburg, PA

Published: November 30, 2013

I selected this list based upon many different criteria. Though the listing of house cleaners is extensive I selected the 5 best based on the following critieria. Throughness, expense, requirements (needs tools, etc.),and timeliness.

House cleaners in your area may vary in their criteria and qulifications.

House cleaners very rarely have websites.

To review more cleaners, visit Yellow Pages house cleaners. adjust the location to your zip code.

  1. Betty Lloyd, personal cleaner.

    Time tested Betty and her assitant Chris, are two women who can clean the heck out of your house! Simply the best for their price, and work, these two can get the job done for you, at half the cost of others.

    Contact: call only, (570)966-0089, ask for Betty or leave a message.

    Price: Large size home, $60.00 est. Weekly.

    What they do: Floors (total clean), Dusting (non cluttered surfaces). May do dishes, and trash.

    What they do not do: Windows, laundry, clutter clean up. You must supply chemicals and rags.

  2. White's Cleaning Service Inc

    Truely a professional company. They provide a better more professional experience for your money.

    Contact: (570) 966-7770, email at

    Price: Negotiable and verries.

    What they do: Clean most structures, and homes within limitations and time. They provide services that are too expansive for this listing.

    What they do not do: Will not do personal errands, such as dishes or laundry.

  3. Oliveries Cleaning Services.

    Contact:(570) 966-1532 or email them,

    Price: Varies greatly.

    What they do:

    Cleaning Services Commercial Services House Cleaning Services Janitorial Services New Polishing Services Residential Services Waxing Services Window Cleaning

    What they do not do: Very little they do not do.

  4. Shirk's Cleaning

    Down to earth small company. Will do from small home up to a large industrial space.

    Contact:(570) 847-9764 Email

    Price: Cash only, negotiable rates.

    What they do: Windows, floors, general cleaning.

    What the do not do: General house sitting, or pet services.

  5. Peachy Clean. More than a catchy title.

    Despite having a catchy name these folks know what you need and what they can provide. Down to earth and user friedly their skills can be compared fairly to almost any top pro company.

    Contact: (570) 523-2700

    Price: Negotiable.

    What they do: Nearly all types of house and industrial cleaning.

    What the do not do: They do not do house sitting or pet services.

Some things to keep in mind. Most cleaners are not buttlers, but may take out your dog, or watch your kids. Most cleaners prefer if no one is home and that if anyone is home, most prefer not to be alone with men.

You should always try to negotiate with them. Try to work out what you want them to do, and even ensure that you have supplies for them. Most like consitent week, to week work. Be sure to mention that you want them to come back.

You may have to have them come once, to decide if you like them. I personaly have had betty lloyd work for me.