Which professional sport is the best to watch live?

Published: November 12, 2013

There are many different theroys on which sport is the greatest to go see. I will break down for you which one is the best to go watch a game. Will be looking at MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, and the UFC. 

  1. National Hockey League

    To me there isnt much question, the National Hockey League holds the greatest value when seeing an event live. When taking into account the amazing value you get for your money compared to other sports and the excitement level you get from seeing a game live, there isnt really much question that the NHL is the place to be. 

  2. National Football League

    The NFL is a close 2nd on my list. The excitement of being at an NFL game is incredible. There is no other sport where so many people are packed into stadiums to watch a sporting event take place. Don't forget to take in some tailgaiting before the game begins!

  3. Major League Baseball

    While Baseball isnt as popular of a sport, it certainly makes up for it in venues. There is no other sports venue that compares to Fenway Park in Boston. Wrigley Field is amazing in Chicago as well. The costs are much lower to go to MLB games then they are for NFL as well.

  4. UFC

    Going to a UFC fight night is very exciting. You can't help but get caught up in the fights as they happen. If you are a fight fan there's nothing quite like the UFC. Make sure to get seats as close to the Octagon as you can because you never know which celebrity you might run into.

  5. National Basketball Asociation

    The NBA comes in 5th on my list of the major 5 sports in North America. I've never been able to quite get into a game where the last 5 minutes might take 30 minutes to play. Don't get me wrong there are still  some incredible athletes like Kobe Bryant or Lebron James. But the NBA isnt for me.

Hands down there is no sport that quite compares when you look at the incredible value for your money, and excitement for your time that the National Hockey League brings you. You will be able to take your entire family to a game and not feel like you just spent a months rent, and to me that's always a good thing.