Best Surprise Gifts for Young and Old

Published: November 30, 2013

Christmas is a spirit filled time that is well suited for unexpected surprises. The unexpected things help make the best cherished memories. Commercial businesses typically advertise kitchen appliances, apparel, holiday apparel, sporting gear and the latest toys as well as some classics. These are thoughtful things to give for gifts, but how about a break from the expected this time?

  1. A Toddler Car

    If their are children, please get them at least one miniature vehicle. Nothing make a little one as happy as having a car just like the grown-ups. Many stores sell powered riding toys for as little as $100 . This is not too much to spend for a gift that makes for such happiness.


  2. A Bird in a Cage

    It is great fun to own a parakeet. Feeding it and cleaning the cage are relatively easy and is certainly make for great converstation! the parakeet will fascinate everyone in the household including the dog. Parakeets are easy care and will live for about 8-12 years. A parakeet can cost between $15 and $60 and a small cage will cost about $25.


  3. A Stove-Top Griddle

    This great $30-$40 gift won't peter out because it has no electric parts. A stove-top griddle. Whether you want to grill sandwiches, pancakes or eggs it will be easy to clean and take care of, too. Many times this gets overlooked as a practical gift because of the glitz and hype surrounding the newest 'George Foreman' or the latest 'Crock' pot.

  4. An Archery Set

    Have you ever talked to anyone that had an archery set who did not love it? This is a hint. An archery set is a wonderful sporting goods gear that is such fun to have for family fun and family gatherings. Everyone can try their had at it and it is safer than darts, there is nothing so small with the arrow that you forget what you are doing and have an accident. An archery set is going to cost between $35 and $149.

  5. A New Universal Remote

    A new universal remote is a welcomed treat, as these will fail to operate just when you are looking forward to the convenience the most. For $15-$30 you will please the recipient and know that you have made a practical choice as well. You migth like to include a nice caddy for it, too.


Thrilling, thoughtful, fun or different but lovable are great choices for the holiday spirit that should be in every Christmas. You may want to go for sentimental gifts or no gifts if you have suffered the loss of a family member but otherwise these suggestions are meant to support merriment and family communion. I think the best surprise gift in this list is the parakeet in a cage.