The Best Ways to Pump Up Your Hairstyle

Published: November 29, 2013

Most people are  not bald and this means they have to manage their hair with cuts and combs and brushes and blow-out and so on. Hair care can be time consuming and there are times when you are faced with limp or dirty hair and have to be somewhere anyway. It may be okay to hide your hair in a bun or under a cap, but sometimes this will not be feasible like when you have super short hair or when hats aren't allowed where you are going to be. Hence the following list may help if you haven't thought of them they are just ahead.

  1. Dry Shampoo

    This is ideal for a quick lift to your limp or dirty hair. There are many brands, like Tresemme, Got2Be Rockin' It, Suave Dry Shampoo or Big Sexy Hair to mention a handful of choices. This stuff works wonders on limp or dirty hair giving it lift and taking out stringiness. This is good alone or as a prerequisite for the hair solutions that follow.

  2. Ponytail Plus Stretch Headband

    This popular work-out look works in any casual setting. You can cute it up, you can even make it glarourous depending on the hair accessories you choose.

    Start with a loose ponytail, where you have teased the hair first.

    Add a favorite headband.

    Be sure to use coated elastic for the ponytail or a plastic ponytail clip.

    Your headband can be any width, wide is cute, so is lacy or twisted.

    When you combine the two your hair is totally pumped up from its undesirable condition. Combining the headband lets those with shorter hair also pull their hair back and then lift whatever they have at the crown with an elastic or ponytail claw.

  3. Braiding or Braid Accessories

    Braids or braided accessories fill in when your hair is in a slight way. Braiding of your own hair works best when you have medium length or long hair. If you have to go the salon to have your short hair braides you may as well shampoo it twice yourself and skip this 'best of' list, as it is not quick nor convenient for most people to schedule a beauty appointment for minor hair care. To braid your hair you usually divide the area of hair you want to braid into three sections and then alternate the outer strands with the center strand over one another and you do this toward the direction you want it to lay in. It is sometimes easier to braid a few tresses within your hair and pin them into your hair at random than to braid the whole head of hair.

  4. Tiny Barrettes

    This will boost the hair. You insert the small barettes while pushing your hair up a little bit in strategic spots. This is cute. Tiny barrettes come in styles like large barrettes. Tiny barrettes come in precious metal and faux gems. Tiny barrettes come in satin or rosettes. You can scatter several of them throughout your hair, or you can anchor just one  tress or anywhere in between. The choice is yours plus you will look ravishing.

  5. The Big Barrette

    A large hair clip, clasp, claw or barrette is probably the quickest way of getting your hair out of the way so you can get down to business. Large barrettes are produced by many artists and you will be pleased with yourself when you spot the artists' barrettes if you have a couple of 'dos you complete with a big one.

These bad hair day remedies can be used by one and all one way or another, with the exception of the final one, the large barrette, as super short hair will not hold this one. You can make a statement with your hairstyle about who you are probably even moreso if you make it unique with hair accessories than from just your choice in hair cut. The best one here is the tiny barrette because any length of hair can attach one or more of these to juice up their hairstyle. If this is not for you the second best option is the stretch headband, be sure to make it a wide one as these are attractive on everyone. You won't even need the ponytail.