Best Supplements for your Liver

Published: November 29, 2013

I am not a doctor or a health professional in any manner.  My qualifications for my advice here are stated at the top.  I know a thing or two about liver health solely based on the fact that I want to stay alive and drink for another 20 years.  

  1. Thiamine/B1

    Most daily supplements and even quite a fe "B Vitamin" supplements do not include Thiamine (Vitamin B1).  Drinking alcohol, smoking, caffeine, basically anything bad for you, deplets your body's supplies of B1.  If you are putting any kind of delightful toxins into your body, invest in a daily vitamin or B supplement that includes B1.  

  2. Dandelion and Milk Thistle

    There is circumstancian evidence that dandelion and milk thistle can actually reverse some signs of fatty liver.  In any case, there have been no serious reported risks to taking it, so it might help significantly and really can't hurt, so why not? 

    I highly recommend this brand:  It comes in a liquid tincture, and this company hires a phD level chemist to perform quality control on any herb or producet they cannot grow themselves.  

  3. Daily Vitamin Without Iron

    This is about liver health, not anemia or fatigue or anything else.  Lots of people, particularly pregnant or menstrating women, need extra iron.  Alcoholics certainly do not.  Most men do not.  In fact, iron is incredibly taxing on your liver.  Your body literally has no way to decrease its iron supplies except through bloodletting, so if you continually consume iron, it will just store up to toxic levels in your body, stressing your liver out.  

    Take a multivitamin without iron in it, unless you have been specifically told you need more iron.  

    Scientific research on iron toxicity to the liver:

Happy Holidays.  We're right in the middle of hanukkah, so light your menora, have some wine, take these supplements, and don't worry about your liver.  The cancer will probably come from your testicles, anyway.