The best affordable restaurants in the Rehoboth Beach Delaware area.

Published: November 29, 2013

This article will give you a small look at some of the best, and very underrated affordable restaurants in the Rehoboth Beach Delaware area.

  1. Crabby Dick's

    Don't let the name fool you, Crabby Dick's is an amazing place for affordable and excellant food! From their sweet happy hour deals like $5.99 Surf & Turf burgers (Pickles and Fries included) to their $10.99 Crab Cake suppers, there is just no disappointments! Go in on a Wednesday and with an adult entree purchase, kids eat free! Cannot beat it!

  2. El Dorado Rehoboth

    Need a great Mexican food fix? Forget all about fast food and check out El Dorado! Taco Tuesday's are to die for here, try their fish or shrimp tacos for only $2.50!! Everything on the menu is made fresh everyday so you basically get an expensive restaurant value at fast food prices!

  3. Casa Dileo

    Need some Italian Food? Try Casa Dileo's, everything is homemade and fresh! Try the $9.99 all you can eat Pasta Bowl on Wednesday's or the kids eat free Thursday's!  You won't believe the hefty servings and so "authentic", it is the next best thing to dining in Italy itself! Have a large family, order their giant pizza pie, guaranteed to fill everyone! Make sure to ALWAYS keep room for their desserts, they make homemade pasteries and cakes in store every single day!

Just remember, in any city all over the world,whatever you choose, you will get a much better bang for your buck through local restaurants. Don't get me wrong, some chain restaurants do have their perks and can give quality food, but to me, they just do not show the "love" and pride in their dishes that a local and family owned business does!