Best 10 Movies from Summer 2013

Published: November 29, 2013

Summer is known for it's super hero and action movies and they usually smash the box office, but this Summer even movies out of these genres did well and were fun to watch. This list is complied of movies that did amazing,good and bad but all have good plots and are fun to watch.  

  1. Byzantium

    Unlike most vampire movies that are glamorous and romantic, Byzantium delievers unqiue ideas never seen before with a storyline that is highly unpredictable. Released June 28th Byzantium barely made $80,000 in the USA, but regardless is worth watching. Byzantium is also from the maker of Interview with the Vampire.


  2. The Conjuring

    In recent years horror movies have been doing increasingly bad with critics, but The Conjuring not only did amazing with the critics, it's probably one of the best horror movies in recent years. Released July 19th the movie managed to gross over $300 million. The Conjuring is a great film, because it doesn't get all of it's creepyness from jump scares and the acting is on point.

  3. Star Trek Into Darkness

    Officially the most successful Star Trek movie, Into Darkness was released on May 16th and grossed over 450 million dollars. Although some find the the movie redundant, it's a good addition to the franchise and also stays true to the original movies and background. Also like most Star Trek movies, it provides stunning visual effects most action fans would enjoy.

  4. The Great Gatsby

    A film adaption of the book, The Great Gatsby was released on May 10th and grossed $348 million. With amazing setting and costumes the movie is amazing visual wise, and the acting from DiCaprio is amazing as always but some find it focuses too much on the visual aspect. Either way the movie is enjoyable and full of emotion.

  5. Pacific Rim

    Probably the most anticipated movie this summer, Pacific Rim was released on July 12. Grossing over 400 million dollars, Pacific Rim built hype over its visual effects and was able to live up to it. A huge mixture of the apocalyptic,creature and robot genre Pacific Rim literally shows the future direction of movies.

  6. Iron Man 3

    Now officially the 5th highest grossing movie of all time Iron man 3 was released on May 3rd. Unlike most Iron Man movies the 3rd movie focused more on Stark's progression in personality and his work rather than action, but that doesn't take away from the movie. Still filled with wit and overall a great adventure, Iron Man 3 is definitely worth watching.

  7. Epic

    Although reminiscent of Pixar's style and a certain former movie, Epic is still a great family movie regardless of it's familar themes. With great animation and narrative Epic dives into a whole new world that is interesting enjoyable to watch. 

  8. The Heat

    The first comedy on this list, The Heat, was released on June 28th. Unlike most cop films The Heat features a female duo that just don't go together at first. Extremely funny mostly because of McCarthy's acting skills, The Heat is probably the best comedies this summer.

  9. The Bling Ring

    Based on real events, The Bling Ring, tells the story of multiple teenagers turned buglars. Released June 14th The Bling Ring grossed 20 million dollars. The Bling Ring extremely glamorizes the real events but the actors managed to play off the shallowness of the roles extremely well. Overall the movie is interesting and doesn't bore.

  10. Man of Steel

    Although Marvel movies in recent years have outshined DC movies, Man of Steel was able to gross 662 million dollars. Released June 14th Man of Steel is much better than the 2006 Super Man movie. Man of Steel is partially generic but it's CGI and effects make it a great action film with extremely climatic fights.

Summer 2013 was a great season for movies and super heros and science fiction did managed to yet again win over the box office, but many outside those genres still delieved great adventures. Now that DVDs have came out, it's a great time to catch ones you've missed.