The Best Home Work-out Equipment

Published: November 29, 2013

My home work-outs were just not delivering the results I wanted. I started with just body weight exercises, but quickly realized I needed tools to inspired me and to create a better workout out. These items, in my opinion, are easy to acquire and to store.

  1. Bosu Ball

    The Bosu Ball is kind of awkward looking when you first see it. However, this is the single thing that can rock your home workout. You can use it as cardio equipment (bouncing on and off of it), use it as a strength training tool (stand on the ball half and squat), or use it for core strength (crunches on the ball half o

    r place with the flat side up).


  2. Soft Medicine Ball

    Zon carries a great line of soft medicine balls that can be used throughout an entire home work-out. Use these to perform Russian twist to get great abs, throw in the air and catch to work on your arm mucles, and to add weigh to your lunches and squats. The possibilities are endless. These are great because their soft and squishy surface allows for a better grip on the ball.

  3. Jump Rope

    Most perfect form of cardio. You are using every muscle in your body along with your concentration to quickly get your heart rate up. Rope ropes are perfect for High Intensity Interval Training. However, if you have the endurance, try jumping rope for extended periods!

  4. Sand Bag

    Sand bags usually come in 15 and 45 lbs. This is where you can add some serious weight to your home routines. Use for bicep curps, tricep dips, or shoulder raises. You can even add them to cardio intervals by throwing them.

  5. Yoga Mat

    You will need a yoga mat to protect your body from the surface you are working out on. Use under your elbows when doing planks, for your spine when doing any ab sequence, or roll up to support your lower back when needed.

Always be careful when trying new equipment and exercises. It takes time and dedication to achieve your goals. Use these tools and you will be on the road to success in no time! Just add music to your routine and you're all set!