The Best Bars in Ohio

Published: November 29, 2013

This list is composed of the top five bars in Ohio. The bars and pubs will be judged on atmosphere, service, drink selection, pricing, staff, location and variable unique factors. The establishments will be given a final rating on a 0-100 scale.

This list is a matter of unbiased opinion and personal observation.

  1. Courtside Bar & Grill


    Located in the heart of Gallipolis, Oh, Courtside Bar and Grill sets the standard for family friendly bars. Open entering the first thing apparent is the sheer size of the establishment. Each wall displays mammonth like plasma tv's tuned to various sports games.

    Seating is abundant with plush booths, cocktail tables, and an extravagant bar. Upon ordering a drink, the staff are quick and polite. Pricing is standard for the area but the huge cocktail and beer selection more than makes up for it.

    The selection includes over 15 specialty craft beers, countless cocktail specials, and dozens of domestic beer choices. A dozen lunch and dinner specials are avialable daily. Food portions are more than generous so be sure to ask for a take out box.

    Overall rating : 100


    Website :

  2. Club 33


    Club 33 is a bar located just off the Route 33 exit in Canal Winchester, OH. One of the best features of Club 33 is the location. There are few traffic lights and no congested traffic to battle along the way. Upon arrival you will notice several pool tables and a unique wrap around bar. 

    The atmosphere is friendly and laid back, the staff makes it apparent that you are thier first priority. What really impressed me is the fact that they didn't have my usual Tequila in stock so I was given a more expensive replacement free of extra charge, definitely a bonus for any patron.

    The cocktail and craft beer selection is so large the vastness of it escapes my memory, though the drinks are a bit on the expensive side, it's to be expected considering the size of the city it's located in. Overall the experience is pleasant and again I can't stress enough how convenient the location is.

    Overall rating : 95


    Website :


  3. Hogg Haven


    The Hogg Haven , located in Gallipolis, Oh, is a family owned and operated bar close to the Ohio river. The establishment itself gives off a cozy and warm vibe, dark oak floors and the old western feel gives off a really positive feeling towards regulars and new comers alike.

    The bar tenders and owners remember everyone and make a point to be very personable and approachable. Drinks are mostly domestic beers and common cocktails but half off specials are the norm on a regular basis. There is often a live band on friday and saturday nights, along with a beer garden outside equipped with designated smoking areas and a large gazebo for those rainy nights. 

    A small shake shop and pizza carryout is located just across the road which is always convenient. To sum it up, definitely a wonderful experience which is evident from the number of regular patrons and repeat customers.


    Overall rating : 95


    Website :

While all three bars listed are great places to have a drink with friends, Courtside remains superior with the reputable staff, drink selection, space, lunch and dinner choices. Hogg Haven is the place to be if you want your dollar to stretch a long way, and Club 33 is the top choice for those who don't want to spend half their night stuck in dense traffic. 

Regardless of the pros and cons, any place on this list is definitely worthy of a visit with friends on a night out.

Contact information 

Courtside Bar & Grill : 308 Second Avenue, Gallipolis, Oh, 45631


Club 33 : 9645 Basil Western Road, Canal Winchester, Oh, 43110

614- 920-1604

Hogg Haven : 856 Second Avenue, Gallipolis, Oh, 45631