The Easiest and Best Musical Instruments to Learn for All Ages

Published: November 28, 2013

It is a rich experience to be part of a music band or to play for someone else in any situation. You can join the band at most schools if you have the desire. You can perform, if you are good in adult settings as well, at parties or picnics and even for pay in some events. If you are not in school you can teach yourself probably best with the help of another ear although. It is a little bit challenging to learn how to play an instruement, even the easy ones. If you need to teach yourself, let someone observe and make pointers for ten minutes or so every now and then. If you take an instructor do what he or she tells you. If you have a favorite, like, say, violin, or piano, don't be shy about attempting to learn how to play them, but, the following list examines the easiest to learn to play instruments. for those who feel they need something easy to learn on.

  1. Trumpet

    Music instructors will usually point to the trumpet as the easiest instrument to learn much to the shock of the class, as it might not look like the hardest one but it does not look very easy after hearing giants like Herb Albert or Doc Serverinson or Miles Davis play. The trumpet although has a manageable mouthpiece and you could even play it with all the valves held down as you would play a bugle if that is easier. The point here is in reaching the appropriate notes to the song your are playing. If you are playing bugle it in the band you are playing the Key of F, for the trumpet hold down all three valves if it is a real bugle adjust the slider to the F mark. The Key the music is written and played in lets the various instruments create a harmony that is the most pleasing.

    Playing your trumpet with the different fingerings is probably the most beautiful and harmonious although, it just takes practice, about an hour or so about four days a week and you will be very good. Learn the scale, then follow up with some musical pieces

  2. French Horn

    A French horn is even more gentle to blow than a trumpet you can hit all the ranges of notes just a little easier, it is not as touted as the trumpet but it makes nice music, s little softer, but nice. The fingering is once again something you just have to practice by doing scales during practice. You can learn a few songs with a tiny range of notes in them to get the morale going while you learn. Learn how to hold the horn and remember how nice the French horn looks in a swing band.

  3. Reed Based Woodwinds

    Blowing trhough a pop bottle and playing a flute are said to be one and the same but in reality a lot of people can't get enough air into the flute at the right angle to play it, yet they can play pop bottles. Other instruments that offer the option of finger control for achieving the notes in the music score namely the clarinet, the oboe and the various types of saxophone can usually be played, to a least a modest degrree, enuogh to perform simple parts in the orchestra. Some of the best clarinetists can't blow the flute at all.

    Instruments can be expensive, and especially saxophones which sell for thousands of dollars. Of course you can probably buy them from someone by means of scheduled payments to better afford one, or instruments can usually be rented from local musical instrument stores.

  4. Drums

    Drums, yes, drums, aren't that difficult to learn, but, do get some instruction from a music teacher. This one needs to have an expert lead the way so you don't learn the wrong way and make it hard on yourself. If your are going to learn to play the drums, learn on non-electronic drums first, just like driving a manual or automatic transmission you may as well learn to use and play both types of drum. Somewhere down the road you will be glad you did.

The easiest instrument to learn are the woodwinds, yet they are strenuous to play in advanced and intermediate levels, the other easy instruments require less extra effort as you advance. The drums are interesting to learn yet they are all about beat and cadence and won't really make a song solo while the other instruments can. If you only pick one, I would not pick drums unless you are looking for work with a rock band. Remember not to let age hinder you from your interest in musical instruments. Even if you are 80 you are not too old to learn.