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Published: November 28, 2013

Win win win!

Here's my Best Of Sweepstaking websites!

These aren't necessarily in order of best-to-worst. However, each sweepstaking resource will have my own personal score which will be based on how good the prizes are and what the general odds are for the prizes!

  1. One-Day-Only Sweeps

    Prizes: 4/10 (so-so)

    Odds: 10/10 (BEST ODDS)

    Consider this: there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people entering sweepstakes online pretty much all the time. What does that mean for you? It means your odds of winning are going to be really really low. I've come out empty handed 99.99% of the time I enter to win something, even when I enter for little things like $5 gift cards, free M&M's, soap.. Most sweepstakes run for a certain period of time whether it be a week, a month, and I know some that run two whole years! That's a lot of opportunity for people to enter, especially when you can enter everyday.

    Best those odds by entering One-Day-Only sweepstakes. The chance to enter ends the same day as it's posted! Minimize your competition and win. Obviously, daily prizes aren't going to be as spectacular as say winning a million bucks, but you'd be surprised to see what you'll come on top with!

    Here's a great compilation of One-Day-Only's


    Prizes: Varies

    Odds: Varies

    This isn't really a "sweepstakes" as it is a giant compilation of sweepstakes from all over the globe! You'll find everything here from Cash Prize sweeps, Car sweeps, Blog sweeps (sweeps held by bloggers), you name it! The site categorizes just about all of these too. I recommend entering "Expiring Sweeps". That way, you can get entries for many many many prizes everyday you feel like. In my opinion, this creates better odds than if you entered for just one sweepstakes many many many times. But don't get me wrong, the odds are tough either way.

  3. Publisher's Clearing House

    Prizes: 10/10!

    Odds: 0.0000001/10 (my score can also be intepreted as the average odds of winning..)

    PCH for short, this is one of the most well-known series of sweepstakes known to mankind! Since it's creation in the 60's prizes have skyrocketed in value, and you'll find some 30-40 opportunities each year to win $10,000, $25,000.. and skipping to the biggest of them all, $1 million dollars per year for LIFE. That's better than the lottery!

    If entering for HUGE prizes with trillion to one odds isn't your thing, PCH offers an equally impressive abundance of isntant win games! Win up to $2,500 INSTANTLY in any given day- yes, you can enter everyday! But those also carry heavy odds. Like 500 million to one for the top prizes. Heck, winning $10 from an instant win has like 2 million to one odds..

    So you can see why this isn't really the featured sweepstakes of this Best Of list :)

  4. Contests

    Prizes: Varies

    Odds: Varies

    Another compilation of sweepstakes. You won't find a vastly insane archive of sweeps and contests like, but still makes for a good rival.

    Posted by a single writer, the Contests section of is updated on more of an "as it comes up" basis. I've found many sweepstakes on this site that were listed waaaay before the other compilation sites even caught whiff. But, there were also a lot of sweeps that I saw on that I knew about waaay before it showed up there too. So give and take, it's still a great place to lookup new sweepstakes and expiring ones as well.

  5. Magazines Websites

    Prizes: 9/10!

    Odds: 1/10 at best


    Big names like GoodHousekeeping, Popular Mechanics, and Cosmopolitan definitely have the money to host gigantic sweepstakes at any given time. Most notably are the ones for $100,000 and other various large amounts!

    However, there's a catch. Whenever you see a sweeps on one magazine site, chances are you'll see the same opportunity to enter on another magazine site under the same parent company. That's what those three magazines I mentioned above have in common: they all have the same parent company, Hearst. And Hearst bears even more magazines than you think: there's Car & Driver, Ladies Home Journal, Elle, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Road & Track, Country Living.. so many magazines. So if you think you've caught the edge of breaking the sweeping odds towards winning $100,000, think again. You're entering on each site for a single prize. And imagine how many other people are entering on every single site too. Whoa!

    Here are more examples of parent comapnies with sweepstakes:

    Meredith (e.g. Better Home and Gardens, Rachael Ray Mag)

    Lifestyle Group (All You, This Old House, Food & Wine)

    Bauer Publishing Group (In Touch, Life & Style, Woman's World)

    Scripps (HGTV, HGTV DIY Network, GACTV)

    Conde Nast (Allure, Glamour, Self, Lucky Mag)

So there you have it. Betcha didn't know there were so many places to enter for prizes, and this is just the tip of the iceberg! Don't forget, if you don't enter, you can't win.

Now what are you waiting for? Get out there, enter.. and win!

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