Five Best Articles of Attire to Be Sewn by the Home Sewer

Published: November 28, 2013

This list reveals the best articles of clothing that can be made at home by the home sewer by using simple sewing patterns and easy to work with fabrics and notions. These are items that can serve as fillers to your wardrobe and sometimes even more.


  1. The T-Dress

    The streamlined design of the straight dress is classic and useful for business and church. This is very much like a T-dress with a column dress silhouette and varying sleeve lengths, although woven fabrics mean the dress has less give and will need a zipper added in the back which makes it more of a getting dressed up dress.

    This exceptional pattern  can be made in all weights of woven fabric such as tweed or crepe weight and in solid or printed designs while adding an extra quarter yard or so for matching obvious prints. This version will take 2.20 yards and a 22" matching zipper plus matching thread and one hook and eye. This is Butterick Sew Easy B4386.

    Now, here is a T-dress, the trousers here are seam stitched in the center front and back, I don't care for this style, but do love the TOP. Create your fashionable T-dress from this pattern and also make a few tops. The dress requires 1 3/4 yds. and the top requires 7/8 yd. of 60" wide knit and knit is almost always this wide.


  2. The Trousers and Leggings

    Leggings are a staple and you can benefit by making some yourself with a simple pattern. The leggings require 1 1/8 to 1 3/8 yds of 60" knitted fabric and 1 1/4 yds of 3/4" elastic plus matching thread.


    Trousers are the grown-up staple you will be glad you have when you want a little something more that jeans to wear. The trousers are McCalls M6711. Suggested fabrics are twill, twill blends, crepe, wool, 

  3. The Blouse

    A good blouse or shirt can be made over and over in different fabrics and colors. like Butterick pattern B5678. This shirt has two collar choices, fitted tailoring and comes in a long tunic length as well a more moderate lengths. This pattern requires 2 1/4 yards and 12 one-half inch buttons, that's it, plus the $10 cost of the pattern. You can get a lot of shirts or blouses for about the cost of one or two.

  4. The Skirt

    A skirt is sexy, and economy wise. Mix and match tops, blouses and jackets or blazers with your skirt. The skirt I'm suggesting is a simple slim modified straight skirt and is found in the same pattern as my listed jacket and pants choice. It has a kick pleat, it has a back zip and it is sexy.

  5. The Jacket

    A great jacket is great for business or for impressing other special persons, or, how about just for extra warmth? By jacket, here, this refers to a suit jacket or separate that is worn as part of an outfit. This mid-length jacket is current in shape and has a convertible collar. It can be used over and over again with more than one thing. If longer jackets begin squeezing out the shorter ones it could still be useful over an empire type style if it is done is a softer fabric. You could leave the upper collar off for this purpose.

    For an entirely unlined blazer here is a find on Ebay for under $4.

It is easier than you think to sew at home and still look your best. You can also save a lot of expense by home sewing. The things you create can last for years if you take ample care when making them. Purchase patterns at sewing counters or online and then use them over and over again. It won't look identical if you switch up fabrics and patterns. The best pattern for home sewing would be the T-dress and its successors. These patterns are a guide for ideal styles to look for in patterns. Two of them are lined or self lined and the rest are more simply put together. I hope you enjoy the list.