The best tablet for college students 2013

Published: November 28, 2013

This list will be giving information for the best tablets a college student should get. Ranging from different brands, conncetion types, screen display, add-ons, and more... this list will give you everything to know about the tablet you should get if you're serious about your education and free time... while staying on a college budget.

  1. Google Nexus 7

    First off, this was a very close call with #2 and #3, but it call came down to the specs and the price. The google Nexus 7 is priced around 250$ (16GB or 32GB storage avaliable) and can expect to drop a little more with holiday season coming up. While the device is small enough to hold in one hand and weights roughly 10.5 oz, it is not to big, and not to small. While the screen is full HD and covers 323 pixels per inch making it one of the highest on the market, it also has a built in pair of sterio speakers that sound great. The battery is great to. Averaging around 11.5 hours of video play, this device will hold one strong charge. Moving on to specs, this device is loaded. Having a 5 megapixel camra on the back and a 1.2 megapixel on the front. The Nexus 7 is loaded with Android 4.3. and supporting Google Play, apps download in a breeze. And if you plan on using an Ereader app, this device can save you a bunch on textbooks. If you're interested in the hardwear, it has a 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro system on chip with a quad-core Krait CPU and a single-core Adreno 320 GPU. Holding 2GB of RAM, supporting Wi-Fi, bluetooth, and a GPS. In other words, its nice and fast. The device offers a micro-USB port for additional storage. If you're looking for a fast tablet that will be great for school, homework, free time, or whatever you use it for, this tablet makes the number one spot.

  2. Apple iPad 2

    Being right being the Nexus 7, the iPad 2 follows very close. Being an extreamely user friendly device, so user friendly my grandmother owns one, this tablet makes complicated jargon into a breeze. While the price is a litter higher and offers more choices, the prices for a 16GB iPad are around 299. Colors being avaliable in black and white, the devices offer the option of only Wi-Fi, or Wi-Fi and 3G (with data not included). The iPad weights around 1.3 pounds and has a 7 inch screen. The device supports the latest ios update and is installed with a 1GHz dual core Apple 5 chip. The battery life is pretty much tied with the Nexus 7 while using Wi-Fi, but will lower with 3G use. This device has a front facing camera for facetime chat and skype, and a 720p recoring back camera, shooting beautiful videos as well as pictures. While the Apple app store is more limited to apps, they're all reviewed so you know they're trust worthy. College textbooks can be used with iBooks so you can save money while having a smooth running, easy to use tablet. 

  3. Amazon Kindle Fire HD 2 generation

    Last and deffinately not least is the Amazon kindle fire HD 2. Being the cheapest of the three, this tablet keeps up with almost all the specs from the more expensive tablets. Ranging at around 150$ you get ever penny out of it. Having a 7 inch screen and weighing about 1.3 oz, the kindle fire keeps up with its 1.5GHz processor. Having a 8GB internal storage system leaves this device behind while not having an option for additional memory. The fire is loaded with the latest android OS but is limited with the Amazon app store. The fire is quick with speed, handles multiple task well, and will all around save you money.

Based on the three devices, the call was a close one. With all the devices having their pros, the Nexus 7 took the lead with its handling, style, and uses for school. The iPad will always be the easiest device to use and has great apps, the personalization of the product is almost non existant due to Apple. Last, the Amazon fire HD 2 is certanly the cheapest in price, and deffinately not the cheapest in quality.