The Best Standardized Testing Books for the SATs

Published: November 28, 2013

This list gives potential college applicants a chance to review which SAT coaching companies offer the best books for acing the SATs. There are many companies out there and this list will provide an overview and recommendations for which one is the best.

  1. Barron's

    Barrons provides top notch tutoring classes as well as dozens of SAT preparation books in English, Math, and Writing sections for the SATs. These books are generally contain questions that are actually harder than the real SAT questions but will make the real questions feel like a breeze once you understand the questions and answer explanations provided by Barron's.

  2. Princeton Review

    Princeton Review offers great tutorial classes for the SATs and multiple techniques on how to improve test-taking effiency and increase your scores on the real test. This company offers multiple SAT practice books with detailed answer explanations and questions that are similar to the actual questions on the test.

  3. Kaplan

    Kaplan provides great tutorial classes for the SATs and multiple practice books that are geared towards giving you an edge when taking the real test. The books that Kaplan provides have detailed explanations and tutorials to teach you how to answer very specific problems that always appear on the actual test and how to do them calmy and in the fastest most efficient way possible.

In my opinion, Barron's provides the best practice in terms of taking the SATs. If you are able to answer all the questions provided by Barron's you will have no problem taking the real SATs because the questions in Barron's are much more complex than the actual test.