Best PC Games

Published: November 28, 2013

This list will describe and show some of the most popular and most fun PC games that are available on the market today. These games include can include single player games, online MMO RPGS as well as strategic base building games that can be played in single player or online with co-op.

  1. World of Warcraft

    One of the best and most popular MMO RPGs available today. This game has millions upon millions of fan who log on and play daily. There is a subscription cost monthly to play this game, but it sands of items and abilities. This game will last you a lifetime.

  2. Starcraft II

    Followed from the immensely Starcraft I, Starcraft II has millions of fans. This game features strategy based resource collection in order to build armies and destroy your enemies. There is a rich and immense campaign mode for single players as well as co-op and versus modes for multiplayer action.

  3. SimCity 4

    One of the best single player city simulation games out there. Although it's successor, SimCity 5, was a bit of a disappointment to many fans, SimCity 4 is definitely one of the best in terms of gameplay functionality, diversity, and creativity and imagination that the game allows the player to produce.

In my opinion, World of Warcraft is the best game from this list. It has millions of fans that play daily and hundreds of active forums that discuss gameplay and social activites that occur in the game. It is a game that will keep you busy both in terms of gaming and socializing all in one.